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Yesterday (Friday) I went to a sponsor quiz for my floorball club (my company sponsors them) and there I did not only learn... or well to be honest I already knew this but I got my knowledge conformed, that the Norse ravens are called Hugin and Munin. The reason for this was a funny tweet I saw a while back referring to them as Mumin and Putin.

There was also talk about Franklin D. Roosevelt and when he was the president of the US. When I got back home I thought I would learn something about him, and I searched for Theodore Roosevelt hahah. Apparently they're not the same person. ;) But anyway, I learned that they are in fact distant relatives, fifth cousins to be exact. But! Eleanor Roosevelt (Frank's wife) is actually Theo's niece??? Making them closer relatives that Frank and Theo are. How this fits together I have yet to understand... Hehe.