I think we all could consider ourselves a "personal brand" in one way or another. You "sell" yourself (figuratively) in many situations in life and when you do, you represent your personal brand. However, when you run a social media company, being a brand has a slightly different meaning. Let's say it's like the personal brand but very magnified.

Earlier this week I received a lovely customized planner from Stilnest in the mail. It has been customized to fit the needs of a social media influencer such as myself, which is what I love the most about it... okay second most. What I love the most is that they engraved my name into the spine of it hehe.

In this planner there is a section where you plan your dream brand, what separates you from the masses and how you want to be perceived by your "customers" (followers). And I thought that maybe, just maybe, this could be interesting for you guys to know! Maybe I'm way off and have no clue what you guys are into and what you appreciate me for, but I hope I'm not too far off.

What excites my target audience (you guys)?
I think some things that excite you guys is relating to me in different ways in life, when I achieve something great (you guys always support me!), when I get new tattoos (of course hehe) and interacting with me. I know this stuff sounds like I'm full of myself but the focus of this is my brand. Of course other things in life excite you all. ^^

How do I translate this excitement into my brand?
My favorite is of course Kat's Kompisar. It's an amazing way for me to interact with all of you and for you to interact with each other. I also make sure to share my everyday struggles with you guys and don't always pretend that life is perfect. I think all my followers can learn from my struggles and that I can learn from yours.

And sometimes I get new tattoos haha.

What makes my brand unique and different from the competition?
Of course this is quite difficult to pinpoint since my competition pretty much all other YouTubers/influencers. But what I hope separates me from the rest is that I am always honest and real with you guys, I interact a LOT with my followers and have conversations with them on a regular basis. I include my followers in my creation process (through Kat's Kompisar) and I help and encourage all my followers to the best of my ability. A huge passion of mine is to help YOU live the life you have always dreamed of.

What core values define my brand?
I want everyone to run their own lives and I want to help to the best of my ability!

What does my brand stand for?
Independence, respect, growth, honesty, community and support.

In a dream world, how would your "customers" (followers) describe me/my brand?
That I care about my followers and does the best to inspire and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. And never let other people run your life for you.

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I have been wanting to get a window lamp for the living room for ages now but I simply can't pick. I absolutely love the one in the middle below, the really square block lamp, but I still can't decide. They are all approximately 35-50 cm tall, which approximately is the height of the plant in the window. The blocky one is about 35 cm, which obviously is a bit "lower". That's the main reason I'm hesitating...

People walk by our outdoor area all the time, many times per day (to get to their own apartments) and it would be nice to cover some of the window so that they can't see everything we do 24/7 haha. But I'm not sure if that's important enough to not pick the lamp I prefer.

What do you guys think? These are all at different price points as well but I didn't want that to be a factor in your opinion hehe. Feel free to vote below what you think!

The only two "IRL" pics the websites had.



As I sit here and wait for a phone call, I thought I'd share some thoughts on a video I watched this morning. One of my favorite YouTubers that I have been following since I started my own channel more or less, Sarah Hawkinson, posted a video today about her self-esteem issues.

Our struggles differ in many ways, but those related to our jobs as YouTubers are very similar. She talks a lot about not feeling good enough, like she's disappointing her viewers, that she is nothing like other YouTubers and so on. And one of the biggest struggles I deal with is definitely comparing myself to others.

But this video that she posted about her insecurities as a YouTuber confirmed what I think we all know deep down - that even those we look up to might be insecure about the things you admire. She mentions how she never felt smart in school compared to her classmates and how she no longer feels smart at all after graduating, and something I appreciate about Sarah is the fact that she is so smart. Isn't that ironic?

I myself often look at other people's success and think that I myself have to be doing what they are doing to be successful, when in reality that's the furthest from the truth. I can of course be successful by doing what I want to do, but when the going gets tough and you don't see the numbers or responses that other people get, you immediately think you must be doing something wrong. And the easiest way to correct it is to start doing what they are doing instead.

Even though this might work in the short run and give you a boost in numbers or even confidence, in the long run you will be stuck working on someone else's goals, dreams and passions and have put your own on the back burner for no good reason.

What I'm trying to say is that comparison to others is never a good idea, and those we all look up to have issues of their own that we don't necessarily understand, see or agree with! Just a little reminder, this Tuesday.

The phone call has still not reached me. It is 45 minutes late. Hmm...