1. The two first things we taught Rascal when he came home with us was to sit, and to wait for his food (and snacks) until we say "go get it". These skills were followed by "lay down", "roll around", "bang!" (play dead), paw and high five. "Come here" and "stay" are and will be a work in progress for a long time I feel, and we kinda moved on from "spin around" after a few half assed attempts hehe.

2. Rascal loves to be chased. When he has a toy in his mouth, all he wants is for us to chase him and/or try to take the toy from him. All other games are so boring. Chase chase chase. And hide and seek is also a favorite. He loves to sniff his way to hidden candies and also finding us when we hide in the apartment. If/when we get our second dog in the future, I really hope that puppy loves to CHASE. That would be a match made in heaven.

3. Two of the biggest struggles we have faced with Rascal is his leash pulling and his jumping on people when they come visit or we visit them. With the jumping it's mainly been a struggle 'cause they humans we have been dealing with do not always listen to our instructions and give him attention for poor behavior despite us telling them not to. But we have become better at telling them and they have started seeing the benefits of listening to us as well. So Rascal has improved A LOT in a short time, which is really nice. Now it just takes him a few minutes to calm down once our guests have arrived (compared to the 20-30 minutes it used to take him).

As for the leash pulling it has definitely improved with some changes from us. Him not doing what we expect him to do is of course because we are not communicating our desires well enough in a way that he understands. But right now we're doing the "ask permission" technique, which is based on him seeking our eye contact and that being the "key" to getting his way. Every time he wants to pull towards something or sniff something he stops and "asks permission", which in the beginning always was granted (to teach him the idea) but now he knows he doesn't always get his way. :) He's still nowhere NEAR perfect, but walking him is not at all a frustrating struggle anymore.

4. The first time I cut Rascal's claws, a week after we picked him up, I cut too much and made him bleed. It was traumatic for us both, but mainly for me. I still hate cutting his claws but he's pretty fine with it. We try to do it once/week and reward him after we're done. It hasn't been a huge issue for him since we've been doing it pretty regularly. He always lays on his back in Sonny's lap and I cut the claws. Candy after every foot! :)

5. My absolut favorite thing about Rascal is when he's very cuddly, either during the day and decides to snooze next to me on the couch while I'm working, or in the evening when we go to sleep. He cuddles up to our backs under the blankets and snuggles his little nose into our necks and starts snoring.

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