Wore these awesome rose plugs from Fux Jewellery yesterday!

Hey guys! Sorry for going AWOL yesterday haha I was swamped all afternoon and evening so I completely lost track of time.

UPS came and picked up the stupid package anyway. Also got all the orders from my web shop shipped which was good. Then I had to go home, do some packing and stuff and go to sleep. We're off work tomorrow and only have half a day today so I'm heading to my man after work yay! Staying there until Sunday so that's going to be awesome as always.

Also had to keep packing and like straighten my hair and stuff this morning which takes 100 years, but I didn't get out of bed in time so there was no time for breakfast OR coffee haha, so I had to buy two sandwiches at 7eleven which cost me like $50000 + drink the coffee at work. Not a great start to the day haha! But oh well. Going to have something good for lunch before the train leaves I think. We'll see.

New video will be up tonight or tomorrow! So keep your eyes out! x

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