There are so many upsides to having a very public life and awesome people who follow you and love what you do. But there are also a lot of downsides to it as well...

A lot of people would probably say that the hate and abuse is the worst, but that part doesn't bother me. It's one person who says something to or about me and that is fine, when it's coming out of their mouth it's automatically their opinion which I could not care less about if I tried.

But when people start stealing my identity, stealing my pictures, making fake accounts, that's where I draw the line. 712 people follow this fake account of mine, that has basically taken all my information and just put it on a new account. And this is not okay. At all. I don't want anyone in the world to actually think that this is harmless 'cause it's not.

Post my pictures in albums and naming them "SADIST", that is not okay. If this was something that was "just for fun" or like the hate - just was someone's random opinion, I wouldn't care. But these kinds of things can seriously harm me professionally as well and I cannot accept that.

My account on Facebook is completely public and if you want to follow me, go right ahead, I am fine with that. If I wasn't I would have made it private. And I think if I made it private these kinds of accounts would be way more common 'cause people do like to follow what I do and might not reflect over the authenticity of the account they follow. That is the truth. But it just disgusts me so much when people do this. I am not flattered at all.

They can literally write ANYTHING in my name and people who don't know that it's a fake will believe that's how I feel or that's what I believe. I hope all of you understand how fucked up that is...

I have reported this account and two others and they were removed this morning. Facebook is pretty quick at dealing with stuff like this, but sometimes they don't follow through which is very annoying. I just hope that shit like this will never get me into trouble 'cause it's just so unfair. I know, life isn't fair and I've chosen this for myself, that is true. But I still wanted to talk about it with y'all so you know how I feel.

To end this post on a happier note, I just wanted to mention on of my favorite things with having all these awesome followers on the Internet: It's when someone who is rather "new" to the gang asks a question about something, like my ear size or my tattoos or anything else really, and before I have a chance to answer, one of you guys answer them for me. That just makes my heart grow 5 sizes haha :') It's like we're all buddies and you guys have got my back. It has happened that people answer fucked up things that are not true at all and that's kinda annoying hahaha, but most of you are awesome and I just wanted to thank y'all for hanging with me and including new people into the group! xxx

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What a lovely morning!

I had a pretty bad night of sleep but woke up to the news of Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender. It would be weird I think for me to say that this is "GREAT NEWS" even though that's how I feel. I mean ultimately it should be neutral news. But the fact that he, at 65 years of age, has now come out as transgender and is ready to start living his life the way he wants to, that absolutely fantastic.

As a lot of you know I'm sure, and a lot of you disagree with as well, I love love love the Kardashians. Bruce included. I know how they come across for to the world through the show and all their outtakes, but they are hard working intelligent women (on different levels) and I think it is amazing what they have created. Sure, people say "they're famous for no reason" and yes that might be true, they have no particular talents. But do you even understand the effort it takes for the WORLD to know who you are without being an actor or artist or politician etc?? That takes a lot of fucking work. So I have all the respect for them and you are allowed to disagree of course. But just writing them off as stupid bitches with big asses is naive and immature in my opinion.

Anyway, go Bruce! You're awesome and I think this is such a major thing for other transgender people. One person doesn't always just speak for themselves. If you raise your voice and make yourself heard you are speaking for a lot of people who cannot speak for themselves and that is very brave and amazing. I look forward to the day when this is no big deal at all. That day should be today, but the world is growing and learning right now thanks to brave people like Bruce. :)

PS. 7Eleven's brownies must be made with magic. I am shocked every time I eat one of how insane they are. MAGIC!!!!!!!

PS 2: Sorry for calling Bruce a "him". Didn't mean to be ignorant...



Mmmhhmhmmmmm sucha good pizza. Salami, bacon, mozzarella. I've been watching Let's Dance (Dancing With The Stars) since 8, so so so tired. Doubt I'll stay awake to see the final result haha (it's the final tonight). Think I'll head off to bed in a moment.

Got a lot of videos to film tomorrow but I'm going to sleep foreverrrr. Which for me is to like 9 these days haha! I can't really sleep that much longer but it's nice not to have to get out of bed directly.

Ok that's it I'm way too tired for this shit hahaha. BED TIME. YAY. I'M SO EXCITED. Nighty! x​



Had some beers after work with my new colleague Jessica! First time since I moved here that I've actually done anything at all haha so that was really nice. Had a great time and she's really nice! :D She earned 4 lottery tickets at work this week as well but sadly only won like $7, which is enough for two new tickets, so hopefully she'll win something on those! ;)

Just got home anyway. Stopped at 7Eleven and got a brownie and some other thingy. Still haven't decided if I should order a pizza or no. I mean I did get paid today so I kinda should celebrate, but then again I could eat my brownie and be satisfied haha. So healthy... Hmm, to be continued!

Going to chillax now and enjoy having the entire weekend ahead of me! Hope y'all have a nice Friday night! x



Basically the same look, a year apart. Not too different haha, almost looks like my hair is the same color but it was more or less white then and is a lot darker now. Also I think the makeup looks way better now. Everything changes with time ya know! I don't think you'll ever look back on old pics and be like YEAH!! Unless you've gotten worse I guess... Hehe that would be bad.

But the worst I think would be if you were exactly the same. I know so many people who look EXACTLY the same now as they did in like middle school, and of course they'll kinda look the same since they're the same people, but yeah I dunno... I've changed a lot, so many times, going back and forth and just being a weirdo.

Don't be afraid of trying new things guys! It's what makes us grow and it's fun! Don't worry too much about how you look or what other people think. In the end it really doesn't matter haha. xx