I want to say good morning but it's 12.15 pm and I've been up for a few hours haha.

All I've done so far today is dishes and cleaning... And bill paying. And I just got out of the shower. No real plans for today. Going to get some work done I guess. There's a lot to do now. I'm thinking that I'll start with my "one video/day" thing on June 1st. That feels like a good day to start it on right? Also that gives me some more time to plan and kinda structure everything that needs to be done. :)

My stomach has been a bitch since like two days ago as well. TMI but I used to get HORRIBLE period cramps where I just could not move at all, but they'd only last about 1-2 hours and then I'd be fine. Now that I'm taking birth control I never get REALLY bad cramps, but instead my stomach hurts a little for DAYS... Haha... I guess I prefer it being like this 'cause the way it was SUCKED, but it's still annoying that it has to hurt all the time. -_-

Anyway. Hope you guys have a good day! :)



Hello fellas!

On our way back from Link枚ping now. Took a trip to IKEA just to scout a little. Didn't really find what we were looking for but we'll just keep looking I guess haha. Also drooled a little over all the nice big beds they have but we don't really fit one in the apartment as of right now...

Had some Pizza Hut for lunch and now we're heading to buy some new plants since I killed the ones I had in Gothenburg hahah. In love plants. But I suck at taking care of them.

When we get home I'm going to keep unpacking and then I'll have to pack a little again 'cause I'm heading to Malm枚 already tomorrow. I'm all over the place right now haha.

Talk to y'all later! x



Hey guys!

Day 2 of moving is over. Not that we had time to do much today haha but we've been pretty busy. I've gone through most of my boxes now and everything is slowly but surly coming together. I don't really have the energy or motivation to post a bunch of half assed things (like this) while it's chaos here hahah. So I'm trying to sort everything out as fast as possible so I can get going on filming again and posting proper blog posts etc! :) I'm sure y'all get where I'm coming from.

We're heading to IKEA tomorrow just to scout a little and then I'm most likely heading to Malm枚 on Tuesday for a quick photo shoot with Ellen and hopefully have time to see Ester as well while I'm down there.

It feels so good to finally be here haha. I sometimes feel like I will be "heading home" anytime now, since that's what I've always done before when I've been here... But I'm not. I'm home, and it feels pretty good :)

Hope you guys had a good weekend! xx