Hey hey hey. It's a mystery why I'm so tired right now. I've not really done anything special today haha. The B went to school this morning and came back around lunch time. Then we filmed a video together and I filmed 2 more. This is one of them! The rest will be up soon enough...

After filming we just chillaxed and then fell asleep for a while I think. Now he's off at football practice and I'm just home being all tired and shiet. Don't really have anything planned for tonight. We're heading to Linköping tomorrow for a gig and then the boys have another gig on Saturday but I dunno if I'm going with them or not. Might just go back home. We shall see!

It's been pretty crappy weather today so everything just feels a bit downy haha. But I'm happy anyway. I'm always just happy right now. Everything is good. Such a relief. Oh and I also quit my second second job at Impericon the other day. I've been working for them for a little more than a year now and I just had to let go of it to focus 100% on my stuff. It takes up way too much of my time and energy since it's a daily "keep up to date" kind of thing. There's deffo someone better suited for it out there.

Hope you guys have had a good Thursday! x

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