​Goooood morning!

Just got back from breakfast. Had a "good" night's sleep even though I had to get up a few times and down 100L of water 'cause the pizza last night was so salt. Still felt ok when I woke up though so it wasn't too bad. Beds were pretty darn comfortable.

Also look at those cute hash browns! They were awesome. Most likely not home made hahah, but I liked the shape of them and I loove hash browns in general. The eggs however were terrible, as you might be able to see here. It was more like egg pudding than scrambled eggs... Oh well!

Going to brush my teeth, pack up my stuff and then head over to the conference for some work work work.

Have a good day!

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Hey hey hey! :)

In my hotel room now chillaxing in bed. Haven't really done a lot today other than sit in the car and filled up some goodie bags once we got here. But still I'm 100% exhausted now haha. The conference center we're having the event at is pretty cool. Not overly impressive on the inside but the outside is really nice. :) Also the lobby in the hotel (bottom left picture) was kinda cute. Not at all my style but the lamps looked like something from Alice in Wonderland.

I'm so ready to just crash now. Might watch an episode of some series or something before I go to sleep though. Not super early morning tomorrow compared to all other days but breakfast at 7 and have to be ready to start working at 7.30 so I guess I have to get up in a few hours haha! We're also going on a boat trip tomorrow afternoon in Stockholm so I really hope the weather is better than today! It was absolutely POURING down the whole car ride here (5 hours). Not cool.

Hope you guys had a good day. Comment below what y'all did if you feel like it! I read all the comments I get of course! Nighty night! xx

PS. If you watch Vikings you've probably heard of "Uppsala". That's where I'm at right now ^^​



​Good morning friends!

Just got to work like 15 minutes early today haha. No reason for it really. But we're heading to Uppsala around 9 so I had to drag all my packing + camera equipment + computer etc with me to work. Such a hassel. But anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that the blog posts might not be SUPER exciting in the next 3 days since I will be working non stop. But I'll do my best. Will have some time to spare in the evenings in the hotels so I'll check in then if not earlier. :)

Uhhhhh 4 days until moving guys!!! I just cannot get over it haha. It's all I think of really. I'm a bit stressed 'cause it feels like there's so much left to do but there's really not. One room is 100% done, I'l finish the kitchen on Friday and then I'll just clean the two other rooms really quick after the furniture has been moved out! I'm just stressing 'cause my mom won't be here to help out and she's the cleaning master. I don't even know how to clean an oven... Meh.

Oh well! I'm sure it'll work out and that y'all are sick of hearing me rambling on about this stuff. ;) I'll be all settled in soon enough!

Have an awesome day!



​Love/hate relationship is what I have with high wasted jeans haha. They look nice n' all, but they're SO not flattering for someone like me with no booty whatsoever... Makes my ass look 5 meters long and flat. Also my ass is basically hanging out from these, but oh well. They look cute anyway.

Just got home from work. Stopped by the post office and picked up a package from Chiquelle including these shorts among other things. I'll make a haul video this weekend or next week, depending on when I have time. :)

I'm super exhausted now but I have to make some dinner, figure out some camera equipment and then pack for this week. Going to Stockholm/Uppsala with work for two events and have to film and stuff. Get back home on Thursday afternoon. Then I have my last day of work on Friday and THEN ON SATURDAY IT'S FINALLY MOVING TIME YAY!

I cannot wait. This week cannot go fast enough. I'm legit just suffering through every single second of it... Ugh.




This is how I ended my day yesterday haha. Pizza and YouTube-videos. Also watched the latest episodes of Grey's and Silicon Valley. Was exhausted from packing and carrying and stuff all day. Have to do the same today basically. Screw apart furniture and then CLEAN everything. Windows, cupboards, fridge, oven... Everything. So boring.

Also woke up way too early this morning haha. 6.30 again. I wonder if there's something outside that wakes me up, like when I lived at my parents' the house was right next to a train track so I used to wake up after a train had passed every night but I had no idea why I was waking up... Hmm... But then again I never wake up this early on work days -_-

I'm not very excited about work next week... It's going to be sooo hectic. But at least it'll go fast I think. I mean we leave on Tuesday morning, drive for HOURS and hours to Uppsala, and then get back to Gothenburg on Thursday afternoon. Then all of a sudden it's my last day of work on Friday and my dad and brother arrives that day as well to help with the move on SATURDAY! I'M SO EXCITED OH MY GOD.

Going to start my day soon. And I'm looking forward to leftover pizza for lunch haha... Have a good one guys! x​