As you can see I've updated the look of the blog a little, along with my Facebook page and YouTube channel! Wanted to freshen it up a little before starting my 5 vids/week thingy. Want everything to looks nice and "new". Also going to change some thing around with the video graphics so hopefully that'll turn out ok too. :)

I still think it's a little confusing that I mix Wanny and my real name everywhere haha but I don't want to completely let go of either so I'm just going to have to keep mixing. Some people only know me by Wanny and some people have no idea what a Wanny is so I can't just remove one!

Anywayz. Today we hung out in town a little after running some errands and then we had dinner with some friends. Now the B is playing his games and I'm just working on my stuff. Also I'm waiting for some news right now that I'm sooo nervous about so I just keep checking my email all the time but I have a feeling I'm going to be so disappointed haha. But if everything goes well I'll definitely let y'all know ASAP! xx

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