鈥婫ood afternoon friends!

Woke up super early this morning for no reason whatsoever. Like 6.30 early. Not cool. After a few hours I went in town a super quickie and got a pair of jeans I've been looking at. So funny, I went into the shop and started looking for sizes and grabbed a pair of 29/32s 'cause I never know what size I have. It varies so much between models. But I remember having like 28/29 many many years ago. The guy in the shop looked at me and was like... "Those are too big for you." and I was like Uhhh okay I don't know what size I am. I ended up buying 24/32s and he was like "WHERE DID YOU GET 29 FROM??". Guess I have a different view of myself.

Anyway! When I got home I started packing/cleaning again. Only have the kitchen left now which is kinda difficult to pack while I'm still using the stuff, but most of it can be cleared out I think... I'll be away from home Tuesday to Thursday next week so I won't need to cook that much.

Uuhhhhh only one week to go yet it feels like forever! Haven't seen the B in like three weeks now I think and I miss him. But now at least I know that once I get there I'm staying. One week of work, 7 days left. Hurry up already!

Going to head to the kitchen now and do some dishes and pack and stuff. Then I really need to take a shower 'cause I feel all sticky and gross. Yuck. Also I burned my face in the sun yesterday... I'M RED. I had to use my GREEN concealer as foundation hahahahaha. Okay bye.

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Had a great day yesterday!

Met up with Jessica at lunch time and wandered around in Slottsskogen in Gothenburg for a while and had some lunch. We saw some seals and penguins as well haha! The weather was awesome. Then we headed over to Frida's work in the harbour and hung out there for a few hours (I think).

We basically walked around all of Gothenburg yesterday. We also went into some interesting shops, some more PG-13 than others hahaha but we had a lot of fun. Then we ended the evening at a restaurant/bar whatever and had some drinks (I just had a coke. I'm done with alcohol forever and always, mark my words).

Got home at a decent time and fell asleep but then someone started harassing 鈥媘e at like midnight 'cause I had forgotten to say goodnight and this someone thought I was dead in a ditch somewhere hahah. Soooo I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep until way too late. But oh well. Almost no one is working today, everyone's off. But not me! Wooo. Guess I should "enjoy" these last few days in the office... Only 1 week left until moving time now! x



I suck at sleeping in haha! I used to sleep to like 11-12 all the time. Today I woke up at 7.30. That's just one hour later than every other day of the week when I go to work, haha! But oh well. Woke up to awesome weather. Feeling good!

I go to sleep every night and wake up every morning thinking about all my plans and everything I want to do on YouTube and everything and I'm just so excited haha! My excitement has replaced the thoughts of missing my boyfriend now hahaha, but only 'cause I know I'll be with him so so soon and won't have to leave 'CAUSE WE'LL BE LIVING TOGETHER.

So that's very very exciting too. He has given me the job of furnishing and decorating the entire apartment and I LOOOVE doing that. His apartment (sorry, our* apartment) is legit a guy's apartment where someone who just doesn't care, lives. Which I love 'cause since he doesn't care I get to do whatever I want! :D As long as he has his gaming station he's happy ;) I get the rest. Moahaha.

Might go for a walk this morning just 'cause. Then I'm meeting up with Jessica later just to enjoy the weather and hang out! Hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday :) x

 (Lol it's Thursday.... Uhhh... Have an awesome Thursday ;))



鈥婣s always I'm terrible at remembering to take nice pictures when actually doing stuff haha! But anyway. After chillaxing at home for a bit I met up with Jessica at the grocery store and we got some stuff for fajitas. It turned out AWESOME. Love it so much. Then we just chilled, Jessica and Frida both got to raid my clothing piles that I'm trying to get rid of and they got some pretty awesome stuff haha! Then we had a booty shaking workout in our swag gangstah outfits and they just now left to go home.

Like I said earlier the weather tomorrow is supposed to be amazing... *Checks to see if it's still the case* YAS 14掳 and sunshine. I'm excited. We're gonna go for a stroll in a park and just hang out. Gonna be nice. Also will very much enjoy getting to sleep in a little tomorrow as well. Love days off during the week haha!

Don't really know what to do now though. Had a cup of coffee like 2 hours ago or so and I'm not exactly tired, but there's not that much to do at 9.20 pm on a Wednesday. Uhhhhh... Bored. Kinda wanna take a bath but kinda not 'cause I'm kinda warm and I always just get warmer from baths.

OKAY don't have to figure it out while writing here. Talk to y'all tomorrow! xxx