​Random throwback. One year ago + right now haha! The face of shame. Sorry for not blogging in a while! I've been "busy" hehe... Had a dinner and stuff yesterday. And the truth is that that's basically the only thing I've done, which is the reason I haven't been blogging. Never have anything to say!! :(

Anyways! Today has been nice. Visited the B's poor dad who's broken his collarbone, went for a walk in town, had a friend over, watched some CS and stuff. That's about it. The B just made dinner and had to go give his grandma a ride into town. Soooooo Imma eat now and then I think I'll go for a run. The weather is amazing! Love it.

Also a little nervous now about going on my vacation next week because of the ISIS bombings, even though it's two different countries... But still. Hmm hope we survive! x

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