​Why are all my pictures of my computers? I don't know maybe 'cause I'm always sitting in front of them doing nothing and feel like blogging my point of view???

Haha. Yeah. Just finished editing and uploading my video and now I don't really have any more work for today. Just going to chillax and clean out some of my makeup and stuff! The weather it HORRIBLE as always. Literally all of June has been chaos rain every day. This morning it was ok so we managed to go for a walk again but mehhhh. I wanted to go for a run this evening but if it's raining it feel a bit over ambitious haha. We'll see how I feel later.........

Just remembered we're hanging out with some friends tomorrow, so I won't really have any time to film. So I might just have to film the video and prepare it today haha! But I already know what I'll be doing so it's not too advanced. I actually have a few videos to film and prepare so why not just do it now... It's always more convenient when the B is at practice so we don't bother each other. :)

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