Hello hello!

The weather is AMAZING TODAY. Yay! Went for our morning walk and checked out the little duckings that we've been seeing every day. And remember that swan I posted on Instagram the other day? WELL today it had a friend. AND TWO BABIES. Oh my god. I filmed a little so you'll see how cute they were in Friday's vlog!

The game yesterday went well, 3-1 to the B's team so that was good. :)

I'm catching up on some work now. Just posted an eyeliner tutorial on YouTube, which will be up here later today. Have some other stuff to do now and then I'm going to clean the apartment a little. And maybe book a laundry time haha. Wow what an exciting life I lead. But I really am enjoying myself right now. Love just being able to do what I want when I want it! :)

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Hello friends!

Went for a walk again today after playing some Hearthstone this morning haha. On our way back the rain started pouring down. But we found real (!!!) bagels at the grocery store (not just bagel shaped bread) so that made my day! I LOVE bagels!

Watching a cyber bullying movie right now. I'm too old for these teen movies hahaha everything is so exaggerated and dramatic. Oh well!

Got some new basic plugs from Crazy-Factory today too. The plugs were nice but the septum jewelry I got broke immediately. Useless. But at least I have the plugs... Haha.

Going to make some food soon and then head to the B's football game tonight :) hope it's not too cold. I want SUNSHINEEEEEE.

Peace n bagels. x



鈥婼up Sunday-peepz?

Was out basically all day yesterday so didn't have time to update. Went to the B's cousin's birthday thingy during the day and then had some dinner at his parents' place. After that we went to a friend's place for birthday-chillz and then home. I crashed right away 'cause I was so tired haha and it was only like 1.30 or something. Had a good time anyway!

Today is a very Sunday-ish day. Just hanging out, not doing anything in particular. Going to have a long shower soon. Need to do some shavin' and scrubbin' and hair washin' and stuff haha. Also just ordered a new highlighter from The Balm! I'm excited to use it 'cause I don't really have any highlighters right now. Also ordered a new bikini. Less excited about that but fingers crossed that the size is right at least haha. I never know.

Have a good Sunday! x



鈥婼up sup sup!

So this is the vlog form this week, June 1st to 5th (which is today). Didn't really do a lot of exciting things, but I'll try to film more next week haha ^^ At least if we do anything interesting. We shall see.

Right now I'm just sitting on the couch doing nothing as usual. The B is playing his game. I've come to realize that the only thing I really dislike about his playing is that he sounds so angry all the time. It makes me so uncomfortable when he raises his voice and swears and stuff haha... I hate it so much. But I know he's not really mad. And I know he's not mad at ME haha, but it just makes me very uncomfortable. So I try not to listen to his gaming whenever I can hahah.

Also I really love this couch. It's so comfy. I've always wanted a couch like this (big, old, soft leather-ish). Only thing missing is a comfy foot rest but I guess the table will have to do for now. I might go world wide web window shopping for a bed now. Have to check what options we have.

Hope y'all have a nice Friday night. Peace n' luv. x