Since I've been spending all night watching YouTube I thought I'd make a little list of all my favorite YouTubers right now! Maybe y'all find some new ones to follow or maybe you have a tip for me!! I'd love to check out some new ones. x

1. Therese Lindgren

Ok first out is Therese Lindgren, who is a Swedish YouTuber (won YouTuber of the Year at the Swedish Awards). She does make her videos in Swedish but I just have to mention her because she is the sweetest person that has ever existed on this earth. I love her. And this video had me laughing soooo hard. You don't have to know Swedish to watch it... It's a tutorial of how to fix a cracked powder. ;)

Kiera Rose

Next up is of course Kiera Rose. I've been following her for ages and I just love her videos and her personality. This video is one of my favorites by her 'cause I can relate 500%.

Sarah Hawkinson

I found Sarah's channel 'cause she mentioned in a video that she liked my videos and people were all over me saying like "SARAH MENTIONED YOU!!" and I was like "WHO DAT!!". But now she is 100% one of my absolute favorite YouTubers. Her personality is perfect, she's so gorgeous and I just looove every single video she makes. Especially favorites and hauls haha!

I also want to mention a few other channels that I always watch and y'all should check out!

  • Moa Murderess (In English)
  • Anty (In Swedish)
  • Tanya Burr (Duhh...)
  • Sash (In Swedish)
  • Rock n Roller/Jenny (In English)
So what are your favorite YouTubers?

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Hello my friends!

Updating has been kinda poor today. No excuses haha. Woke up, filmed my tattoo video and edited/uploaded (pic is from yesterday, don't still have plastic on it haha). Then we went frisbee golfing of courseeeeee. I actually did okay today, almost learned how to throw the frisbee. FINALLY??

Then we got home, did some laundry, had some food, I played some Tavern Brawl haha... And then we had dinner at Sonny's grandma's place and then went grocery shopping and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Exhausted! And I've just been watching YouTube videos since...

Also I finally got my new shoes and shirts today! AND guess what I did? I tried the white shirt on and then took it off. Makeup all over the collar. I was about ready to jump off a cliff. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. I don't know. So I had to clean it first thing... :'( Hope it didn't ruin it... But other than that I looove my new stuff.

Also got a new silver shampoo today that I've heard a lot of good things about! Will do a before and after and post on here tomorrow! :) x



Annnddddddd we're off to the middle of nowhere. Heading to Eksjö to get some tattoos done by a friend who owns a shop there. Mine is pretty kickass so I'm excited to fill the gap on my left arm haha. Didn't sleep well last night and haven't had any coffee. Standard conditions for when I get tattooed. But at least I had breakfast this time around. ^^

Have a good day budZ!