Hello my friends!

Updating has been kinda poor today. No excuses haha. Woke up, filmed my tattoo video and edited/uploaded (pic is from yesterday, don't still have plastic on it haha). Then we went frisbee golfing of courseeeeee. I actually did okay today, almost learned how to throw the frisbee. FINALLY??

Then we got home, did some laundry, had some food, I played some Tavern Brawl haha... And then we had dinner at Sonny's grandma's place and then went grocery shopping and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Exhausted! And I've just been watching YouTube videos since...

Also I finally got my new shoes and shirts today! AND guess what I did? I tried the white shirt on and then took it off. Makeup all over the collar. I was about ready to jump off a cliff. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. I don't know. So I had to clean it first thing... :'( Hope it didn't ruin it... But other than that I looove my new stuff.

Also got a new silver shampoo today that I've heard a lot of good things about! Will do a before and after and post on here tomorrow! :) x

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