Oh gossip. The hight of intelligence and self-love.

Last night I was minding my own business (literally) and googled myself. Usually nothing interesting shows up but last night was a bit different to say the least. I found this post on a gossip forum, where someone had written paragraph after paragraph about me and my life. Judging everything I do, especially my tattoos. The picture above only shows a third of what was actually written on this page. So I have a few things to say about this.

1. I'm sorry you do not have anything more interesting to talk about. Really. When all else fails, such as education, facts, hobbies, I guess gossip is always a saviour.

2. By the way this person expressed themselves I'm guessing they're so much older and more intelligent than me. [See point numer 1].

3. Gossip. I mean really... I read some other threads on this page about my fellow YouTubers and I was just overwhelmed with feeling so sorry for these people. It was the most pathetic gathering of insecurities I have ever seen. They are all trying to cover up their own shortcomings by absolutely trashing others. When you no longer can keep up with other people you resort to dragging them down to your level instead. And that is just so so so sad.

4. It disgusts me so much when people think they know me, know how I feel and then judge me because of it. When in reality they make everything about me up to suite their opinion. So they craft "facts" loosely based on things I've said, so that their point is proven.

I could go on about this forever. But in the end this is not about me. I just want to make sure that you guys reading this never let gossip get to you, and please please please don't express your insecurities and fears through hate. It says so much more about you than it does about the person you're talking about.

Oh I also wrote a few pissed off tweets about this last night when I found it and my man Mick Mars (who follows me) liked all of them. So WHO'S THE REAL LOSER HERE YOU OR ME BITCH HAHA! Bye.

The only reason someone ever tries to drag you down is 'cause you're already above them. Remember that. x

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My wish list right now. Obsessed with the top left Ralph Lauren ankle boots. Might be my shoe investment of the winter haha. We shall see! My taste is way too expensive considering how much money I make haha. But I guess that's the case with most people. Unless you're rich as shit. But at least I've gotten in a habit of "only" checking the sale department on all websites. Love bargaining on brand clothing! Feels like I fooled the system. Haha ;)



The first "contact" I had with "nudes" and regular everyday people posting them was, as so many other things, on Tumblr. I never ever took part in that and could never REALLY understand why people would want to post naked pictures of themselves online. Things like "Topless Tuesday" never interested me at all, but I didn't mind that other people did it.

As the years on Tumblr went by nudes and porn and everything in that category was just an everyday thing. For people who don't spend a lot of time on Tumblr/don't spend time on the "tattooed/alternative" part of Tumblr, that probably sounds strange, but for me and many others it's nothing "cray cray" or taboo. It's everywhere and it's not dangerous!

"Should I be hiding my phone screen on the bus?"

It came to the point where I no longer could determine what things on my dashboard were "Safe For Work" and what things were not. A nude-ish picture of a girl - should I be hiding my phone screen on the bus? A porn gif or dick pic flashes by while scrolling... Uhhh... Right. People might think that's weird. Forgot.

With all of this said, however, my own position in all of this hasn't exactly changed even though I've been very desensitized. When I was younger (thankfully) I never considered posting anything "sexy" at all. I just posted pics of my face and that was it.

But one thing that does affect my view on this is that I have a lot of tattoos. And my tattoos are on my skin. So if I want to take pictures like those above, where my tattoos play a part, I have to show my skin. The more skin the better! And that's the bottom line. No, I do not mind posting pictures with a lot of skin, 'cause to me they're not "Hey look at me sexy sexy sexy nude let's fuck what's up?"-pictures (which are perfectly fine too!! Just not what I'm going for). They're basically pictures displaying my body art. I want to show off the skin I've been spending blood, sweat and cash to customize for myself!

"My nipples, ass crack and vagina do not contribute to this AT ALL"

I strongly believe in "never say never", 'cause "never" 5-10 years ago is reality today. But right now in my life I have made the decision never to take fully nude photos just because of what I mentioned above. I don't take these pictures to be sexy or to make someone horny. I take them because I think my art is beautiful. My nipples, ass crack and vagina do not contribute to this AT ALL, and that is why I do not believe they are necessary to expose.

With all of this said, I have absolutely nothing against other people taking and posting nude pictures at all. From porn to art, I 100% respect what people choose to do with their own bodies and I am forever grateful that we have the right as individuals to make these decision for ourselves!



Finally got my Chiquelle package today that I ordered sooo long ago. It has taken forever 'cause it was originally shipped to the wrong address so that was a pain. BUT it was worth the wait and I'm so happy with the stuff I got. Love this Stockholm t-shirt! I'll show you guys the rest of the stuff in a haul-video next week!

Tonight we're off to be "boat guards" for the B's parents. So basically we're going to be in a little cabin without wifi from 8pm to 6am haha. FUN! But at least we'll get some quality time together heh. And we have a bunch of snacks and movies so I'm sure we'll survive. Hope y'all have an exciting Friday! x



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Ohhh my. I'm on the hunt for a new wallet/card holder. I'm just so obsessed with all Kate Spade products. Sadly they don't have a lot of iPhone 6 Plus cases, but I loved the ones I had for my iPhone 5. Anyway. It's a dilemma whether or not to buy a proper wallet 'cause deep down I KNOW I don't use them. I always end up just taking out my cards that I need and leaving the wallet behind. So basically what I need is a card holder. But the wallets are SO pretty.

The top right one is my favorite right now. Will probably go have a look at it while I'm in London later this year so I don't have to pay like half the price for shipping and stuff. What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?