Ohhhhh what a day. Looord. Woke up pretty early 'cause I had soo much to do today. Headed into town to postpone my pick-up-glasses-appointment but it turned out that they were already in?!?!?!? So I got my new glasses today :D They're Hugo Boss and I love them. It's extremely weird to wear glasses after wearing contacts for 10 years but I'll get used to it. I'm a bit motion sick now from wearing them all day but whatevz.

Also filmed some videos, dealt with a lot of work related stuff and then had dinner at Sonny's parents' place. Now I'm just chillaxing on the couch watching Idol. So tired... Next week is going to be extremely hectic Monday-Wednesday but I can't tell y'all what I'll be up to sadly. Maybe soon... :)

Hope you guys have a good weekend! xxx​

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