When Ester and I + our other friends won a film competition and got to go to Brussels together!

Graduation to the left and a tradition called "Beppe" to the right, were basically you just party and write stuff on each others hats, leading up to graduation haha.

Ester and I dressed up as the "Top Bloggers" of the time Kissie and Dessie for Halloween, and to the left is a graphic design project I believe where we were supposed to make album covers haha.

I guess everyone who's going back to school has gone back to school now haha. My boyfriend had his first day back today as well. It really feels weird that I'm not going back to anything. Not going back to school, not going back to work. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing for the whole summer!

Above are some pictures from my time in High School which was my favorite three years of school ever (in Sweden we only have 3 years, grade 10 to 13, not 9 to 13). It took some changing of schools and "majors" but I finally find the right one: Social Studies + Media. My classmates were awesome, I loved most subjects (not natural science and math and stuff though...) and I basically just had a lot of fun.

I think the biggest reason I enjoyed it so much was 'cause half of my classes were like text communication, media communication, graphic design, graphic illustration, photography, film etc. Which I loved! And the other half (again, except for maths and stuff) was social studies and history, which were my favorite subjects. I have never before been too interested in these subjects but my all time favorite teacher made them so much fun and it's also because of him that I enjoyed high school so much. I miss those three years A LOT. It was kinda the time that I started "growing" into the person I am today. I guess that is what a lot of people go through in high school.

Anyway! I hope all of you going back to school enjoy yourselves and have a good time. :)

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