​Hello Thursday!

Have gotten some work done this "morning". We went and picked up our gym tags as well which was nice. Now I can start going there instead of just sitting at home shoving my face full of crap. Blergh.

I've sent a bunch of emails and gone through all apartment sites for our town. WE NEED A NEW APARTMENT ASAP. God it's so difficult to find one. It sucks pretty bad. And you have to keep checking and checking and checking 'cause you have to be one of the first 3 to sign up for it to even have a CHANCE. And you don't get notified when they go up haha. So yeah, mission impossible. But we're trying.

Have some videos to prepare for tomorrow. Going to film a bunch while the B is at school (he better fucking go 'cause I need the whole day to film hahah...). Don't know what will be going on for me next week and where I'll be when, so I have to prepare some videos just in case I don't have time to film. :)

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