鈥婽oday I would like address something that a lot of YouTubers choose not to talk about, me included. But I have stuff to say now so I guess I might as well say it.

All YouTubers who try to make a living off of what they do (me included) do make sponsored videos. That means that we either get free items to review on our channel (or blog or Instagram etc etc), or we get free items + get paid to do it. I have made a lot of sponsored videos in my day, but what you guys don't see is the amount of offers I turn down because I don't like the product or they just have absolutely nothing to do with you guys. I don't share stuff with you just 'cause I get paid to do so. I share them with you 'cause I think it's something you would be interested in.

And most importantly you have to understand that as a YouTuber you do sell your time and a spot on your channel. You never ever sell your true opinion. Companies just want you to review an item and I for one have never been told what to say! I have always been 100% free to say exactly what I want about what I am reviewing and if that wasn't the case I would never agree to work with that company. So please understand that I have to make a living somehow and if I can make a video for you guys sharing a product that I actually think is good, that is what I am going to do. And you don't have to use it or buy it or anything! I'm not asking that of you ever! I just want to share it in case you are interested.

Now moving on to companies: I think it is extremely rude and bad mannered to expect a YouTuber to advertise their items for free. No. We have worked hard to build up our audience and just 'cause it's not a conventional advertising spot like TV or a magazine, doesn't mean our voices are free! We reach out to thousands and thousands of people and that I'm sure you can spare a little cash to get access to. I know I did a lot of freebie-advertising in the beginning 'cause I was just excited that someone wanted to give me stuff, but sooner rather than later you have to realize the worth of your voice and platform! You deserve to be paid!

Then there is the difference between products that you really really really want and products that you think might be okay. There are companies that I am more than happy to promote for free/get products from because I truly love their products from the start. But that is up to me as the "marketing spot". I get to decide what I want to share and for how much I am willing to do it.

I hope you guys understand where I am coming from and the most important thing for me is that you know that you always get my 100% honest opinion about everything. Never doubt that! xxx

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鈥婥ompletely reorganized my desk area. My mirror and makeup and stuff was here before but now it's in the kitchen. Feels pretty good. I'd rather have the smaller desk but since it's completely disappeared for no reason I'll have to do with this! It's nice to have some daylight rather than sit in the kitchen that is dark 24/7 haha! Can't wait to add my Erin Condren Life Planner to this desk. And maybe add some more stationary office supplies thingies!



Okay here we go. Just kidding I have to go pee first. Be right back.

So there, now I'm ready to get into this stuff haha. I'm basically just going to go through the order of my tattoos and what they "mean" and everything like that, once and for all! Or I'm sure I'll make more posts like these in the future with updates and such, but for now I'm good to go.

Ship & Lighthouse

Jack Ankersen, Zoi Tattoo Malm枚 - http://instagram.com/jack_ankersen

The first tattoo I got when I was 19, was the ship on my right thigh. I had already planned that both my thighs were going to match so I had two appointments booked, one month apart. So I got my ship, took 7 hours and the pain was fine. Then I got my lighthouse a month later which took about 6.5 hours and that was fine as well. They are based on the lyrics to "If My Hears Was A House" by Owl City (Circle me and the needle moves gracefully, back and forth, if my heart was a compass you'd be North. Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall, wherever you go, if my heart was a house you'd be home). And it's basically dedicated to family and friends, none named none forgotten (or permanently named on my skin haha!).

Eagle & Mick

Jack Ankersen, Zoi Tattoo Malm枚 - http://instagram.com/jack_ankersen
Pecka R枚nnberg, Zoi Tattoo Malml - http://zoitattoo.se/artists/pecka

The third tattoo I got was about four months later and it was the eagle on my lower left arm. It has the lyrics to Asking Alexandria's Run Free on it (Let your heart soar with the eagles). I had in January seen them live for the second time and it was the best night of my life so far 'cause I got to go up on stage and Danny complimented my eyes and then he requested to see me after the gig (their merch guy grabbed me and was like "The band wants to see you") and I was so starstruck and fan-girling and jesus christ. This was the start of what would become an insane string of events hahaha, but anyway! Run Free is one of my favorite Asking songs so I got it done. BUT I didn't get it as a "OMG I LOVE ASKING"-tattoo, I got it 'cause they lyrics meant something to me. Kind of like a "rise above" thing.

The next tattoo I got was 4 months after that. It was my absolute favorite as well - Mick Mars! To this date it's the most incredible portrait I've ever seen and I'm so happy that it's mine! It took 8 hours. Pecka at Zoi Tattoo is a magician and I can't wait for him to do my Vince tattoo as well. Anyhow, I got Mick 'cause M枚tley Cr眉e is my favorite band and he is my favorite member (together with Vince). And there is a big reason behind me choosing this image as well, rather than an image from way back when. I like Mick because of who he is and his view on life. But also because of the way he handles his illness and doesn't let it stop him from doing anything at all. I didn't get Mick because of the persona he had in the band. I got it 'cause he as a person is very inspiring to me. I also chose this picture because his eyes are not visible, and that was very important to me. In my opinion, eyes are very personal and I do not know Mick personally. I wouldn't feel comfortable having his eyes on my body for that reason. Maybe it doesn't make sense to you but that's how I think. When I get Vince done, I want an old picture 'cause I love Vince's persona! I love the happy go lucky crazy surfer turns glam rock kid with blonde hair and pink scarves. So I don't want a recent picture to portray that (obviously).

Game of Thrones

Jack Ankersen, Zoi Tattoo Malm枚 - http://instagram.com/jack_ankersen

One year later I decided to start my Game of Thrones inspired sleeve. I'm not completely finished with it obviously, but we've gotten some things done anyway! The sleeve is based on the faith of the seven, or the seven gods which are the Crone, the Mother, the Maiden, the Father, the Smith, the Warrior and the Stranger. They all represent different things, and even though I'm not religious or spiritual at all, I believe that these seven things are what makes a strong human being and I just love the way they describe it in the books. I have the Mother and the Warrior left and then a bunch of fillers to tie it all together. The lady is the Maiden, the lantern is the Crone, the anvil is the Smith, the grim reaper is the Stranger and the scale is the Father. I can't really remember how long the different ones took but about 3-4 hours or so.


Julia Landehag, Zoi Tattoo Malm枚 - http://instagram.com/julia_landehag

After this it took a few months until I did something new, which brings us to about March/April this year. I have been wanting to do my chest for SO long but I've never know what I want to get! It's such a major piece and it will often show, so I really wanted to be 1000% sure about what I was getting. But slowly the idea started forming. I knew that I wanted a stag beetle at the base of my neck. I also knew what style I wanted and found the artist I wanted. I saw that she has an amazing style of making heads/faces and I decided that I wanted that as well. Then I added the flowers and the dragonflies 'cause they're pretty and my mom loves dragonflies so that kinda made me want to get them rather than some other insect haha. I also did not want butterflies at all. This is the first tattoo that didn't have a meaning behind it. It was purely for aesthetic reasons. Needles to say I'm very happy with how it turned out! The lines took 5 hours to do and the shading and colors took 7 hours. It was definitely the worst pain I've experience in my entire life.


Richard Hansson, Bl盲ckh枚rnan Tattoo Eksj枚 - http://instagram.com/wuickers

About a month or so ago I got my cute little rascal on my lower left arm. Not much to say about it, I just wanted a cute rascal raccoon as an inside joke with my boyfriend and our friend Richard who did it did an amazing job! It turned out just the way I wanted it. It took 5 hours and was the least painful session to date.


And last (for now) but DEFINITELY not least is my stomach tattoo that Ellen made about two weeks ago! Ever since she started tattoing again about a year ago, I knew that I wanted her to do my stomach and that I wanted 100% her style. This was also extremely extremely painful and I almost died a few times but so worth it. I think it took about 7 hours. It doesn't really mean anything, or maybe that I love cats... 'Cause it's a cat skull in the middle haha!

So those are all my tattoos for now! I am definitely getting more but I'm not sure what's next. I think I'll fill my legs up a little now, and try to finish my GoT arm... And get my Vince portrait. THEN it's time for my back. But it won't be anytime soon I'm sure #brokebitch. Hope you guys liked this post! If you have any questions just ask. xx



Dear lord what have I gotten myself into... Hahaha. I've spent ALL DAY browsing YouTube and Etsy and Ebay for Erin Condren accessories and videos and planning videos and oh my god. I ordered my custom life planner today as a birthday gift for myself (3 days to go, but I won't get it for a month for sure haha). I'm overly excited it's not even funny. I've been 100% consumed by this planning thingy. However I don't like the cluttered designs that EVERYONE uses. It's very scrapbooking:ish which I'm not a fan of. I like clean and simple, but that just means that mine won't really look like the others. Don't mind at all.

Another thing, speaking of nothing, one of my table/desk tops has completely disappeared. We had it when I moved in, but then chose to use my larger top instead of this smaller one, and now we can't find the smaller one?!? It's not in the storage space downstairs and it's not in the apartment. What the fuuck? Where can it be? Haha I have no idea. Will keep looking tomorrow... Just cannot let it go when it does not make sense at all...