I've been to A LOT of concerts in my days, but these are probably my favorites, even if they're not my 100% FAVORITE bands ever. It was just so perfect. Macklemore is probably my favorite live concert I've ever been to... Eminem might be able to change that one day we'll see, but for now Mack is no 1. Imagine Dragons were AMAZING too. Ester and I saw them in a small venue in Copenhagen a few years ago. So so so so good. Just after they blew up with Radioactive. Small and intimate and perfect. Panic was also amazing, as well as the mini mini show Ester and I saw with Half Moon Run. Actually I saw all these bands with Ester haha! All in Copenhagen except Panic. We saw them in London! Just a little tip from me to you. I will WITHOUT A DOUBT go and see Macklemore again live if I get the chance. And hopefully Imagine Dragons eventually when I'm not broke. ^^

 (Irish Celebration is my favorite live song with Macklemore but there were no good videos of it :( meeh)

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