Phew. What's been going on. A lot. I haven't updated here for various reasons and I apologize! But now at least I have some stuff to tell you guys about haha! Recently I've just been working working working (top pics). Started planning my history videos now and it's going well. But it's a LOT of work, so I'm nowhere near ready to start filming but I'm getting closer ^^

I also went to Stockholm last... weekend I think? Yeah. Or Thursday-Friday at least. Updated my American passport 'cause apparently it had expired. Always fun to go there, like travelling back in time. Also went by the Splay office (my YouTube network) and picked up a letter from my P.O Box, very exciting!

Today I have only been laying on the couch not feeling to awesome. But it's better now and I'm happy. Gig tomorrow with Arreat Summit and visiting our (hopeful) kennel on Sunday!! Soooooo exciting. I'll keep you guys posted! x

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