​Obsessed with the House of Lashes lashes I got like two weeks ago. Ohhhh soooo prettyyy! There are so many varieties, and I just love the fluffier ones like these haha. Also loving my nails. I'm so excited to do Christmas-nails next time! Thinking something red/black/gold.

We're heading to Sonny's parents' soon 'cause it's his mom's birthdayyyy. DID SOMEONE SAY CAKE?? Seriously, Sonny has spread a rumour that I'm OBSESSED with cake, and yes that might be true, but not everyone in his whole family think that I only show up at birthdays for the cake...... Not true!!! But it's a bonus haha.

Are you guys Black Friday shopping at all this year? I never do... There's not really anything I want and I don't have that much money to spare haha. Also going to London next week so might as well save up.

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