Awesome fan art and also I bought my magazine yesterday haha.

Hey guys!

It's been a few hectic days now. I got to Malmö on Thursday and then I met up with Ester and spent some time with her. Then went to Ellen's house and chillaxed. Yesterday we went into town to shop for our upcoming photo shoots, which was so much fun! We found a bunch of really cool looks we're going to shoot. Tonight I'm getting a new tattoo on my arm and tomorrow we're doing another photo shoot with a guy from Malmö so that'll be fun TOO. AND THEN I'm going to Copenhagen for work until Monday and then more more more photo shoots.

I love being here in Malmö. So much fun and we just do all the things I love doing haha. So I'm excited to start shooting again. And to get another tattoo from Ellen. Wiee!

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