Gooood morning!

I'm heading to the train in about half an hour to meet my parents at Ikea in Linköping. Some people asked me to do a haul video from it hahah but I'm sorry to say I'm not buying anything too exciting. But I will vlog today/tomorrow so I'll show y'all what I get anyway. :)

The plan is to get some curtains and stuff for all the windows in the new place, some cables for all our ceiling lamps as well as maaaybe a new desk and a chair for my "office". I won't have an actual office space since Sonny has the separate room and all other spots are taken, BUT I was thinking I'll just put the desk in the hallway since it's so wide. And there it won't really be in the way for anything else.

Have to get dressed now! Smell ya l8r!

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