What a day... Guess this is what you call a "bad day" with the baby. He's been good so much we don't really know what to do when he's being a bad boy. Or well, obviously we can't blame him, it's all our fault. But it's frustrating. He has started peeing and pooping inside so much now. It's probably our fault for getting angry when he does + not praising him enough when he goes outside. Him being so good made us get a bit lazy with the reinforcement haha... Also tried to cut his little claws a bit today but that was a disaster. Hate doing it. It's so difficult and I don't know what the heck I'm doing right/wrong. Hmpf.

Oh well. Our washing machine is still broken and the repair man should've showed up 3 weeks ago, last week and today but nope, he'll be here next Tuesday. Fucking idiots. Talked to the landlord and they were going to try to get someone over here ASAP. So annoying. I'm exhausted...

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