The first episode of my Swedish History 101 series went up yesterday and I was super nervous. Mostly 'cause it's been so hyped for soooo long and I didn't know if you'd actually like it or not. It's a long series and it would've been so depressing if you guys would hate it already after the first few episodes hahah.

But the feedback has been awesome so far. I love it! And my favorite comments are the ones below 'cause they're the definition of why I decided to do this. I want to make it interesting for people who don't give a fuck about Sweden or history in general. 'Cause a lot of people think history is sooo boring but it's not :D In my opinion. So I hope I can share that with all my viewers.

Next episode will be up next Sunday and I'm always looking for some feedback to make the episodes a little better. Already got some good tips that I'll take into consideration. :)

If you haven't watched it yet, check it out! xx


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