Woho! Yesterday I headed to Stockholm for the United Screens partner event! US is my YouTube network since two months back. Almost 200 people came there I think and we saw all kinds of "celebs" haha and actually fangirled a little.

I met two YouTubers that I didn't know of as well! Tina Davidsson (left in pic), who makes k-pop unboxing videos and is one of the biggest channels doing it! I had no idea that was a thing haha. And beauty vlogger Lisette Alfredsson (right in pic) as well who does makeup videos combined with feminism talks and stuff like that. And I met Moa (Murderess) again which was nice :D We met the first time when she lived in London and I was there for work in September. :)

Had a great time anyway! The trip home sucked balls though. Got home at 1.30 and had a 45 minute wait at a train station. But I got home and got to snooze extra long today. :)

Oh and another thing went down yesterday that made my LIFE!!!! Omg so excited I could die. I'll show you guys later today... ;)

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