HEY! It went very well at the therapist session. We just talked through all the basics this time around and she said we had a lot to work with so I'm optimistic. I think psychology and stuff like that is so interesting so it's double win for me. :)

After finishing there I had three exciting packages to pick up! One from Chiquelle (sponsored) that I'm going to make some kind of haul on/show y'all in some kind of video. A self-tanning kit (not sponsored) that I am going to try out in a video, and last but NOT least a Cirrus Travel Steamer from The Steamery (sponsored) that I'M SOOOO excited about!! I love ironed clothes and some part of my closet are buried and forgotten 'cause I never iron them and they're too wrinkly to wear! I'm hoping that this will be the answer to my wrinkle problems :D

Now I just have to pick what video to do first... I'm heading to Stockholm tomorrow for a partner event at my YouTube network so I might not wanna do the self-tanning today... Unless I want a nice ice-breaker if it turns out like shit hehe.

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