For those of you who are not from Sweden this is probably news, but not if you follow a lot of Swedish YouTubers. The YouTube community here is basically turning into the "blog community" and the way that was here about 5-6 years ago. Drama drama drama drama and more drama. Luckily I'm not a part of this haha 'cause well I'm not a part of the Swedish YouTube community in that way, with a bunch of Swedish viewers... But I wanter to make a post about it anyway.

The whole community is growing so much around the world and of course also in Sweden. This means that it gets more and more attention from viewers, but also from media of different sorts, which is amazing! But as everything else there's a backside of this growth too. A while back, no idea when 'cause I was late to find out but at some point a blog popped up about Swedish YouTubers.

I honestly don't know what the point of this blog is, but what I have gathered from it, it's main goal is to start drama. Time and time again it defends itself by saying that they (the blog owner(s)) are not the ones saying these things, it's the YouTubers and fans, they're just reporting about it. But I still think they're the fuel to this unnecessary fire that gets everyone going and spreads rumours to their thousands of readers that have no idea what source criticism is...

I feel extremely bad for all YouTubers being caught up in this, getting judged on a daily basis because of things that the viewers all make up and spread. It's all bullshit. It's like the viewers do not understand that what is shown on camera is just a small part of reality. It's not the whole truth, and you cannot judge people and their behaviour based on that.

Every day there is something new people are bitching about and as a bystander I can't imagine what it must be like for my colleagues that are in the middle of it. They're being accused of bullying other YouTubers, they're being accused of being overall shitty people and if they make videos in English the cannot post ANYTHING on any social media without a shit storm of "MAKE VIDEOS IN SWEDISH CRY CRY CRY whore".

I just do not like the direction this "community" is taking and it's honestly not the community's fault. It's the viewers. Of course not all of them... but the bad seeds affect a lot.. And blogs like the one I mentioned that just fuel everything by spreading bullshit rumours about others.

I am very grateful that my followers are not a part of this and that I'm being spared all the Swedish drama. I'm often grateful for being international haha, I have never ever regretted the fact that I chose to speak English and by default ended up being on the outskirts of the Swedish crowd. It's all good. And I just hope that this negative trend takes a turn for the better at some point, in some way.

These (us) people, spending hours and hours every week, creating things they love for their viewers, do not deserve all the crap that's being thrown at them right now. That's all.

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