​Good morning!

Had to get up quite early today 'cause Rascal just couldn't chill after Sonny left for school... Meh. But I had a nice breakfast and am now enjoying a large cup of coffee. Best part about Sonny not being home in the mornings - I get to fill my coffee cup as much as I want B) He always complains that I don't finish my coffee so he always just fills hit half way! But what he doesn't understand is that the more coffee I have the more I drink! If I only have half a cup I only drink a tiny bit. Ya feel me?

Anyway. Today and tomorrow I'm taking over MadLady's Snapchat just to share what's going on this weekend so I'm super excited about that :D Go follow them at MADLADYXO on Snapchat to see what I'm up to!

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  • Katrin