鈥婬oly smokes it's 1.30 pm where has this day gone?

Met up with my buddy this morning and took a stroll with Rascal. Then we had some coffee and since she left all I've done is sit on the couch, updated my computer and phone to iOS 10. Wow. All I have to say is DON'T DO IT, unless you want to buy a new phone... in which case it's a great excuse. The new iOS completely fucked up my phone that has been working flawlessly for two years. As soon as it updated it became as slow as an iPhone 3G.

Wasn't planning on buying the iPhone 7 but now I might not have a choice haha.

In other news, have you seen Monday's video yet? I talk all about menstrual cups and how they work. Have you tried one? Do you like it or nah?

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Oh hello there, what's this? A blog? I didn't know I still had a blog. Apparently I do. Nice.

Yesterday marked 23 years since my birth, and I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the achievements of my 22nd year alive, and possible set some new goals for the year to come.

My last birthday was celebrated very much like this one. Some cake, some cuddles. Just the way I like it. Only difference I guess is that I woke up hungover as shit this year... But we don't have to go into that right now.

Of course I can't go through a whole year without some new tattoos. These are three of the four I got done during my 22nd year of life. Both (or all three, the flowers on my elbow as well) were made by Ellen!

I also started and ended a new job that I haven't been able to tell you guys anything about. I travelled to London, Copenhagen and Kiruna for work and got to meet some really cool people. Sadly even though the job was "cancelled" I'm not really allowed to talk about it. But it was my first times travelling by myself and I felt very grown up.

I also had my two first "meet and greets" with my former YouTube network Splay! It was great meeting the few of you who actually showed up for me hehe. I wish I could meet you more often!

...and of course we cannot forget this amazing gang that came to my meet up in London last month! It was so amazing to have a good sit down chat with people who follow me and support what I do. Thank you again for showing up!! x

Yeah a lot of cool stuff happened this year, but this is EASILY the coolest of my life. Not only did I see M枚tley Cr眉e live for the first and sadly, last time. I also got to meet and hang out with Mick one on one before and after the show. I could never even dream of this happening so it definitely made my life. Thank you Mick for being awesome.

My 22nd year was also the "year of the magazines". I was in three magazines and on my first ever cover! As some of you know it was an interesting experience to say the least and it's a shame my cover looks nothing like me. But at least it's my body hehe. Oh and I was in the local news paper as well hehe. #famous

As for my personal life, my love and I moved into our new apartment and we became PUPPY PARENTS! How crazy is that. Rascal is now 8 months old and we've had him for 6. I can't believe this huge chubby puppy was ever this tiny. Our little snore-fart-man.

I've had two amazing shoots with the very talented Mikael Roos! I love how they both turned out and there are still some gems from this session that haven't been posted yet so stay tuned for that... ;)

What about this crazy experience?? I was in Duo RAW's music video to the song Beat My Face! It was so much fun working with them and they're the nicest people ever, even though they look scary as shit with their costumes on. ;)

It's crazy to think that I reached both 100,000 and 200,000 subscribers this year. So grateful and look forward to what's next for my little channel!

And last but not least I took a very huge step and decided to go to therapy to deal with some of my issues, which honestly changed my life. I hadn't been suffering for very long before I decided to do something about it, but one year is definitely long enough. It helped me a lot and as a part of that process I also decided to get back into sports (innebandy/floorball), that I have missed a lot since I quit almost 9 years ago now. So that has been a huge part of this year and I am very happy that it turned out this way. Not only have I gotten back into working out but have also made new awesome friends in the process.

This year for my birthday Sonny got me another Warcraft book, but also this book in the pic to the right. It's a three year "diary" with questions for you and your partner that you're supposed to answer individually. I love it so much and I can't wait to see all our answers and how they change through the years.

As for this year. The 23rd year of life. What the heck am I supposed to achieve? How am I supposed to top last year? Absolutely no idea. The opportunities are endless. Of course I would love to reach 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. I might even dare to dream of 400,000. Who knows what will happen. All I know is that I'm very very excited and I do believe that this year, just like all past years, will be the best one yet.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope you'll still be here next year when I level up to 24! x