Rascal turns 1 year old today! Yay! We had a little party for him with cake, gifts and play. Although he got a nice bone that he didn't really wanna take his eyes off so the playing was kept to a minimal. Little cutie man. I hope he had a good first year of life.

The fact of the day is the different stages of a dog's life! Rascal has definitely entered adolescence. He did probably around 8-9 months I would guess. He has definitely not reached adulthood yet... I'd guess we have about one year to go for that hehe.

  • Puppyhood ends between six and 18 months of age.
  • Adolescence starts between six and 18 months of age.
  • Adulthood starts between 12 months and three years of age.
  • The senior years begin between six and 10 years of age.

Do you have a dog? What stage have they entered? :)

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My friend and I took a long nice walk in the snow today. We even brought some snacks so we could take a break half way through hehe. Cozy winter evening!

Did you know that the current US flag was officially adopted on June 14th 1777, with thirteen stripes (to symbolize the 13 United States) and thirteen stars (representing a new constellation). If you didn't know, now you do!

Also it's Rascal's birthday tomorrow! He turns 1 year old and we're having a little birthday party with gifts, cake and his favorite play mate (Sonny's mom haha). Hope he has a good day... We're doing his 1 year check up at the vet's hopefully during next week. Fingers crossed for good results!



Today we met up with two friends and decided to grill some hotdogs in the snow! We all had our full winter outfits on but it was still pretty cold haha. I'm not sure what the temperature was but approximately -5 to -10 (it was windy as well).

Ever since it started getting colder in Sweden (about two days ago now), I've been constantly thinking "this is what it must be like to climb Mount Everest" hahah.

Fact: In January, the summit temperature on Mount Everest averages about -36° C (abut -33° F) and can drop as low as -60° C (-76° F). In the warmest month, July, the average summit temperature is -19° C (-2° F).

So... I guess walks with Rascal not exactly like climbing Everest. But definitely close enough.



Going forth I will try to update this category daily and perhaps in more detail. But to start it off, here are the first 5 of 365 things I learned this year:

1. There is about 1 million bubbles in a single glass of champangne (if you pour the glass right down the middle).

2. The brand Burberry has a "Royal Warrant of Appointment" (Swedish: Kunglig hovleverantör), which enables them to advertise the fact that they supply the royal family with their products. In Sweden IKEA is a Royal Warrant Holder.

3. Approximately one in four people who summit K2 (also known as Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori) die. It's the second highest mountain in the world, located on the China/Pakistan border, and also the mountain among the eight thousanders with the second highest fatality rate. K2 has never been summited during winter.

4. Spider in German is "Spinne" (the spider = die Spinne).

5. There are four different kinds of Daruma dolls (Japanese "wish dolls"), depending on what you're wishing for. Red = the classic, for good fortune, purple = health, yellow = protection, gold = wealth and white = love. You set a goal/make a wish, fill in one eye of the doll and once your wish comes true you fill in the second eye to say "thank you"! For extra motivation you can write your goal on the back of the doll, or just write it on the back once it comes true.



Hello and welcome to all my new visitors, and welcome back for those of you who have been around during previous blogging attempts!

I wouldn't go so far as to call this another "blogging attempt" to be honest. We'll just see what it ends up being. But what I can tell you is what I plan to write about this time around! I'm done posting about my boring breakfasts and the weather, it's time to fill this blog with some interesting information haha!

M Y · N E W Y E A R ' S · R E S O L U T I O N

If you're quick you might have already read my sidebar information to the right. If not here's what it says: My New Year's Resolution for 2017 is to learn something new every day. Then it hit me: If I put all this effort into learning something new, why not share it with you too?

Personally I will keep track of my newly found knowledge in a little Field Notes notebook (pic above hehe), but I will update you guys as often as possible so you can keep up too! Some subjects will be more detailed than others, some will just be a simple one-liner.

The Internet being the way it is these days, I am open to discussion and possibly correction from you guys when it comes to these things I "learn". Maybe the Internet got it wrong and some of you have more knowledge on the subject than I do. Then please don't hesitate to comment below so we can all take part of that knowledge and learn more!

M Y · M I N I M A L I S M · J O U R N E Y

As some of you might already know I started my minimalism journey a few weeks ago and it has been going great so far. It has made me feel a lot better in general and even though I make a lot of videos on the subject, there are smaller topics that I'd like to discuss in a bit more detail. How do you stop yourself from shopping? How do you let go of things? What struggles have I faced so far? You get the point.

If you want to see what I've done and talked about so far, check out my Minimalism Playlist on YouTube.


We'll see how all of this turns out but I'm excited to share the things I learn on a daily basis!