Picture stolen from Martin!

Good evening!

Today Sonny's and my partner managers at United Screens (our YouTube network) came to town to hang out with us and talk about our channels etc. Usually we just do our meetings over Skype since they live and work in Stockholm. So it was great to have them over and actually talk face to face! And looks at those awesome t-shirts they're wearing hehe. ;)

After they left my friend Mariana came over to hang out for a bit and just catch up. :) We don't see each other super often but that's okay! It's always nice when we do have a chance to talk about stuff that's going on.

I also posted a vlog today if you wanna check it out below!

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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who gets loads of emails from companies where you somehow ended up on their mailing list even though you didn't really ask to? And most of these emails arrive on Sundays, leaving my inbox full of unnecessary crap that I am not interested in.

For so long I have been wanting to get rid of all of these emails but it's always just easier to delete them than to unsubscribe to them, and I guess that's what a lot of these companies rely on; laziness.

But today was the day I decided NO MORE. No more emails to wake up to on Sundays, no more filled inboxes with stuff that's unimportant. I don't have the time or the energy to deal with these emails, it's enough to deal with the emails that are actually relevant to my business and life.

So this is my tip for you guys! A super easy way to remove a small irritation from your life: unsubscribe to the spammy emails you get. I know it takes some extra effort compared to just deleting them, but trust me, it's an investment that you will thank yourself for next week when you don't get 15 emails on a Sunday.



Daym what a stressful morning haha! Not exactly my favorite way to wake up.

So ever since the X was announced, I have been debating if I should get it or not. I need a new phone but I thought that maybe the 8 Plus would be a better choice. However, as the X was released for pre-orders this morning I decided to go for it.

I tried to order it for an HOUR. The first batch sold out in 30 seconds which is insane, and then as I tried and tried and tried to order it my payments just would NOT go through. So I gave up and ordered the 8 Plus instead hahah. But then it hit me that I could check the Apple website instead and voil谩! There it was.

Instead of "Delivery date: January 10th" like it was on my phone provider's website, it will now be in my hands in 4-5 weeks, which I am perfectly fine with hehe. Only problem nooow is that I have ordered an X AND an 8 Plus. I just hope that the 8 gets canceled in time hehe.

My plans for today are to just go for a run now in the morning and then chillax for the rest of the day. Sonny is rehearsing in Link枚ping tonight so it's just Rascal and I home. :)



Uh uh uh. I'm in a place right now where I'm just trying to think things through a lot, I do my best to keep up with work and working out and all the things that need to be done. I just don't feel like I'm on a track to anywhere with what I'm doing at the moment. I don't have a goal in mind which is making me feel stressed and confused haha. But it's not a huge deal. I have felt this way 100 times before and know that it'll pass eventually.

As for my health, my pains are not gone but I have gained some other pains (soreness from working out) so I don't notice the initial pain as much haha. Today however was a bad day pain-wise and I've been tracking it in an app for the past week. I do this just so I know what my sleeping pattern looks like, how much pain I'm in and how much I work out... 'Cause I have a feeling these things are related to each other.

On a sadder note, there is a lot of grief and sadness in the frenchie community right now... one of the most famous frenchies on Instagram, Chloe, died yesterday completely unexpectedly, due to a (very painful) medical error made by a vet employee. Obviously the owners are shocked and heartbroken and we are just so sad here at home too... Poor baby Chloe... Rascal loved her too. Hope she has a great time in puppy heaven with all other frenchie friends. We can't imagine the pain of losing a pet like that, or at all.