We have had the pleasure of taking care of tiny turd Menace for a bit more than a month now and we have noticed that he is everything that Rascal is not and Rascal is everything Menace is not hahah. They are different in every single way they can possibly be different, the good and the bad.

So today I thought I'd share their differences with you guys haha!

1. Menace is a cocky bastard, super brave and picks a fight all day every day. Rascal is the most kind, friendly, non-aggressive pup ever and would never hurt a fly. Not even his super annoying younger brother who bites him in the lips all day every day.

2. Some dogs are very annoyed by squeaky toys and what some owners might consider the dog "playing" with the toy, is actually the dog trying to kill the sound inside of it (like it would kill a wild animal they had caught). With Rascal we never experienced this. He never cared about the squeak and he just played nice with all toys. Menace on the other hand... boy oh boy. No squeaky toys for him, that's for damn sure! (It's super stressful for them to not be able to kill the sound, so we need to keep 'em away from him or just remove the squeaky plastic thing inside).

3. Carrots!! Some dogs love 'em, some don't. Rascal likes shredding pieces of carrot and leaving it all over the floor and the walking away. He would never ever eat a piece unless he had to. Menace nukes a piece of carrot like it's his fave snack ever haha!

4. When Rascal was a puppy he would ALWAYS tell us when he needed to pee, if he was in bed or on the couch or somewhere were he did not feel comfortable peeing. This was very nice 'cause then we could simply take him out when it was time. Menace.... he does NOT mind peeing and pooping where he sleeps haha. So we have had to use different tactics when it comes to house training him. But it's getting better. He's learning!

5. Rascal LOVES people. He doesn't give a hoot about other dogs really, but people... oh my... People are the best things in the universe. Menace loves Rascal. He doesn't care if we have visitors or if people on the street want to say hello to him. He just gets excited that Rascal gets excited and runs after him haha!

6. It took a few months before Rascal became comfortable with the claw cutting. Menace doesn't even notice that we're cutting them when we are. He's the most chill pupper ever.

7. Rascal still has "abandonment issues", meaning that if we are in another room and he can't join us he'll whine like crazy until we come back (we never go back until he stops whining, so we don't encourage it). He is perfectly fine when he knows we have left the apartment but he can't stand knowing we're so close but still so far away. Menace is not "perfect" when it comes to being alone, of course, he's only a baby. But already now we can tell that he has no problems with us leaving the room for a while. He's very secure and calm in general.

8. Menace has no problems walking on a leash or wearing the harness. Granted he doesn't enjoy putting it on over his head but he walks great during our tiny walks with him. Rascal refused to walk for so long. But of course it's easier to walk nicely when you have a big brother to guide the way!

9. Menace likes to destroy things. He chews on furniture, chews walls, pulls down curtains, steals our shoes... everything! Of course Rascal could be a bit mischievous as well as a puppy, but I can see in Menace's eyes that he does it to piss us off. ;)

10. THE BARKING. Oh my goodness. Rascal has barked about 5 times in two years, and only when he got surprised or scared by something. Rascal just whines (constantly). Menace doesn't whine. He barks, screams and howls. Which I guess is more normal for dogs than that you're lucky and get a silent dog like Rascal. But since we have no experience with a vocal, barky dog it's a struggle to deal with it. All tips are welcome! It's not a crazy huge problem that we struggle with every day, that would definitely be an exaggeration. It has become a lot better since he got here and learned that barking doesn't lead to anything. But it's still annoying that he goes to barking as soon as he's upset about something or in a SUPER playful mood.

Of course a lot of these things might change as Rascal gets older and Menace grows into an adult, but these are some funny personality differences we have noticed in them so far. It's crazy how every new thing we learn about Menace is the complete opposite of Rascal. ^^

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I used to think that morning routines were all about drinking tea and doing yoga. Doing all these things that are "super healthy". But what I didn't understand was that you "are allowed" to make your own morning routines that are healthy for YOU. Both mentally and physically. Sure, a lot of people love tea and yoga, but I like watching YouTube and drinking coffee haha, and that's how I choose to prepare myself for a good day.

To find out what else I do in the mornings, watch the video! :)



Hey guys! In today's blog post I thought I would share some of my favorite YouTube videos with you guys. They are all very recent, so it's not an "of all time" kind of this hehe. Just some videos I really enjoyed and would like to recommend to y'all!

First off we've got Rowena Tsai. This was the first video of hers I saw and I thought she seemed like such a lovely person! At the time she "only" had about 95,000 subscribers but apparently she blew up from around 15,000 subscribers "over night" due to a few of her videos! So I definitely recommend checking her out. A great inspiration! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rowenatsai/

Next up I want to recommend this video by one of my favorites, Sarah Hawkinson. She really opens up and talks about a lot of things that I think a lot of us can relate to.

Annie Thorén is a professional triathlete from my town (actually it's her town... I just moved here hahah). She just started her YouTube channel! I super excited 'cause I personally find her life extremely interesting, being an athlete, traveling around, competing. So I look forward to following her on this journey! She's completely new to YouTube so go give her some support.

I followed this DIY tutorial to make a hanger for our plant that is now hanging in the window! It did not turn out good at all hahah but that's my fault, not the tutorial's. So if you are interested in trying to make one of these, make sure all the knots are level with each other... otherwise it looks hella crooked.

I don't often watch Buzzfeed-ish videos, but y'all know my love for Mulan. I just had to watch this. And it was actually pretty funny haha! Do recommend.

Not that we are in need of videos on how to take care of our dogs hahah, but I was pleasantly surprised by this video (and part 2 that she made recently). All the information she shares is great and I'm glad some people are spreading correct facts and information about a very misunderstood breed. :)

And of course I've watch loads and loads of 2018 BuJo videos. My favorites are when people migrate into new journals and draw everything from scratch. I don't currently use my BuJo for various reason, but I still love the concept and I love watching these videos. ^^



Pics by Kulturplatån!

Ugh what a week. It has been so busy and stressful. Feels like every second of it was planned out in advance and I just had to go with it so that nothing was missed or left out. But now I'm done with everything I had planned to do so no more work until Monday!

Yesterday my dad and I went to Gislaved where I had a little lecture/workshop for some kids in the area. It went pretty well despite the average age was about 5-6 years younger than what I had planned for my presentation hehe... but it seemed like the young and the old alike appreciated it. My dad also got a new library card from their library! (He collects them).

Today we went for a 15k run before my dad headed home and I've just been cleaning the apartment since then. Now I'm going to catch up on some YouTube videos and probably fall asleep.... Rascal did not sleep a second last night and just sat up whining constantly ('cause my dad was sleeping in the other room). -_-