Hey guys!

Not a lot of updating today, but I have been working and doing stuff I will show you guys in a video or two in the near future, so I don't want to spoil too much.

I'm all packed and ready for tomorrow journey to Visby! It's a city on the island Gotland. My mom is already there for work today and I'm meeting up with her tomorrow. We're staying until Sunday and I feel like I'll get so much great footage for my travel video and also a lot of really nice pictures for the blog! :) We're going on a road trip on Saturday which will be exciting. I'll bring the computer along so I can update the blog on a daily basis. I'll post the video on Sunday or Monday!

Rascal has been totally fine today, which is expected I guess haha. We just worry too much. Now I'm just going to catch up on some YouTube and then go to sleep! Talk to you tomorrow!

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Okay I'm sure you guys are so bored with the same information now haha! But today Sonny and I filmed a video about what happened to Rascal and it's pretty much a repeat of all the stuff I have written here. But if you didn't want to read all of it then check out the video instead: https://youtu.be/1ZJCpStlvuE

We also had some ice cream and Sonny made some bread. He has vlogged the day today so if you want to check it out when it's up then head on over to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shaawful

I don't have anything planned for tonight. Swedish Idol has just started so I will probably just watch that! Hope you guys have had a nice day! :)



Hello everyone!

We have had an uneventful night and Rascal is doing just fine. So time to get back to work! I thought I would share some upcoming videos with you guys! Maybe it would be fun to get a little sneak peek of what's to come in the next few weeks hehe.

Apartment Tour
I have been changing a few things in the apartment and just updating what it looks like in general. You have seen a lot of it here on my blog but I still wanted to do a video of it. This video will also be sponsored by my favorite poster website Desenio! So I will pimp the walls with loads of really gorgeous posters in that video and I'll also share some of them here on the blog.

My Job
I have gotten a lot of requests to do a video on my job and what I actually do, as well as a video on running an online business and what it's like. So I thought I'd combine the two and share what my work is like in general. Of course running an online business will be different for everyone, so I'll focus on my experience.

Business Lookbook
I will be doing a collaboration with Chiquelle again! I don't do collabs with them as often now as I used to 'cause I don't really want to be flooded with clothing that I end up not using (which has been the case with those collabs before). But now since i haven't worked with them in a while there are way more items to choose from on the site that I actually want = I don't just pick things 'cause I "have to", if that makes sense. So I have a business inspired lookbook to do which will be fun!

Personal Tattoo Advice
I have two personal tattoo advice videos to do, I think. There might be more, considering how many questions I got. But I was also thinking that I'd do one of the videos with Sonny so he can share some thoughts on it as well, and we'll post one of them on his channel too! That could be fun, so it's not the same as all my others. :)

Viking Hair Tutorial
A lot of people want me to do more hair tutorials, and since I'm planning on chopping my hair off in not too long, I hope you guys will like the hair video I have planned for the beginning of September! It's a collaboration with Sebastian Professional (the hair styling brand) and the theme is CURL POWER. I really like how it turned out so I hope you're excited!

Travel Video
On Thursday I will be going to Visby on the island Gotland! It will be the first part in a new little series on my channel where I make travel videos when visiting some bucket list places, that aren't just regular vlogs. We'll see how it turns out! Hope you guys are going to like it!

I know a lot of these are sponsored (all but two?), but that's 'cause they're the easiest to plan haha! These are going up in the next few weeks as I mentioned and of course there will be loads of un-sponsored videos in between. But those are often more spontaneous and based on random things in my life.

If you have any requests I always love to hear them! So comment below if you have any thoughts.



Ugh. What a day. Today has been Rascal's day 100%. No work or anything. Just cuddles, nice walks and play with his favorite people. And maybe some nice snacks and new toys. He has no clue why today is so much fun... maybe he thinks it's his birthday hehe. But it was important to us.

I know you guys are probably tired of reading the same blog post over and over, but thank you all for the kind words and information you have shared! I know Rascal would appreciate it if he understood it. ^^ And for those of you making up facts that are not true, check yoself haha.

Now we're just going to take his temperature before heading to bed. Back to work tomorrow!



Phew... Back from the vet two hours later. They put us in a room and made us wait for 50 minutes after our scheduled appointment. Not very exciting, especially not for a little puppy. We almost died of boredom.

We left some blood with them and will have to wait for the result on those tests, but most likely he does suffer from idiopathic epilepsy (meaning it most likely has an underlying genetic basis). It's difficult now to know if he'll need medication or not. We don't know if he'll never have a seizure again or if he'll have them every other week. Or maybe the next one shows up in 6 years. So even though the seizures are very very rare in a dogs life, they still get the "diagnosis".

This more or less means that there won't be any puppies after Rascal. If it's just a one time thing there's nothing that says that it has to be passed on. Maybe he was misdiagnosed and had eaten something and gotten poisoned. But in my opinion, the risk of breeding a sick dog is never worth it. I'd rather just keep him happy and healthy and let other healthy frenchies that don't have seizures produce healthy puppies.

To me the most important thing is that we have him, not that we have his puppies in the future.

And he of course got his favorite snack as a reward for being such a good boy today.