Hey guys!

It's Sunday and that means that a new week starts tomorrow wohoo! Just incase you didn't know already.

Today I haven't done much. Took a long walk with Rascal, that was anything but harmonious and calming hahah, if you want to read more about that, check out my workout blog: @katrin42k! And for those of you wondering, he's doing okay, but still hasn't made it past 2 weeks without a seizure since the first one, and we have upped his medication each time. It has been one week since the last two seizures now, so we'll see next weekend if he makes it past or not.

I have also helped Sonny pack all the t-shirt orders he has received! We are blown away by how well they are selling and I'm so glad his/my viewers and followers like them. There are only a few smalls and mediums left of this print, and most likely it won't be re-printed in the future. So if you wanna check THAT out, go to SonnyDay.bigcartel.com.

My lip-lady (what are their titles? She has a nurse license... is she a beautician? I don't know) and I have decided to give my lips another go and try a different lip filler. But way less than last time 'cause that was too much for my lips to heal properly. We'll see how it works out this time. :)

Peace out homies!

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I just finished editing yesterday's vlog after doing an interview with a Swedish book store chain about my bullet journaling. However, my vlog won't export properly and keeps sending error messages which is so fucking annoying. Hopefully it'll be up soon...

On a happier note, Sonny just released his first t-shirt design that he will sell! There are only 50 shirts with this design so if you're interested, go check out his bigcartel at http://sonnyday.bigcartel.com/ :)



Other than the Mulan soundtrack, the Lorax soundtrack is my all time favorite. I just cannot get enough of it!!! These two songs are definitely my favorite and make me so happy. I can listen to them on repeat. If you haven't seen the Lorax, what u up to bro??

Anyway, I'm sure you can enjoy the happy songs even if you haven't seen the movie.

I'm just finishing up this day with Rascal on the couch. :) I have vlogged today too but that won't be up until tomorrow I think. Exciting announcement, mainly on Sonny's channel but I'll show it in my vlog as well. :) Oh and I got the pictures from yesterday's magazine shoot today too! They look so amazing!! Super happy with them!

Hope you guys have had a nice day!



I'm of the rare specimen "Women who have not been sexually assaulted or harassed by men". At least that's what I tell myself. I am taught to think that what I have experienced is "not so bad" or "not even worth mentioning" at all.

Like when I was 12 and a kid in my class ran up to me and squeezed my prepubescent, sore boobs as hard as he could. I reacted by pushing him to the ground and kicking him in the stomach. Why? I felt embarrassed and ashamed of what he had done.

Or the time when I was being shown around a new workplace, being introduced to my new coworkers (all twice my age) and one man looked me up and down and said he understood why the boss hired me. My boss laughed.

Or maybe when the first thing Sonny's "acquaintance" ever said to me was "Oh you're the girl with such small boobs!" and as if that was not enough, the next time we met he just felt the need to "compliment my ass" in front of my boyfriend, his girlfriend and their friends. No one ever question it.

Or just the fact that I met one of my biggest idols, Mick Mars, two years ago and I cannot share that story without being asked if I had sex with him. So I have stopped bringing it up.

But these situations "don't count". They were only "joking". I am "supposed to laugh". And I know there are multiple situations in my life that I have completely blocked out of my memory to not have to deal with them. All the times sexual comments and "jokes" have made me feel extremely uncomfortable. All the times I have received inappropriate comments from people online 'cause I choose to share my life... #metoo

Every single day in my little world of "never having been assaulted or harassed" I expect to be assaulted. I expect to be harassed. I expect to be attacked by a man. 'Cause no woman has the privilege of going through life without being a victim.

Yes yes, we get it now, all women have been or will be victims. It should not take a damn hashtag for us to be believed, to be listened to or for men to take action. No! Men should not have their own hashtag where they are being celebrated and praised for speaking up about the harassment and abuse they are guilty of.

Men need to fucking check themselves, their brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, neighbors, friends, partners, teachers, coaches, bosses, colleagues, before they wreck someone's life. SPEAK UP.



Finally back home! Got back last night and this morning I went to the doctor's to take some tests for all my pain issues I have been dealing with since this summer. Hopefully they show something that I can improve so I don't have to keep feeling this way.

Now I have to do some work before my phone interview at 2 pm, and tonight is my first crossfit class!!!! I'm super nervous but also excited. I feel weak and scared that I won't be able to do anything haha, but it is a class that is fit for everyone regardless of experience and fitness level, so I think I should be okay. It's going to be fun anyway. :)