Hey everyone!

Today I have just taken it easy after a week of hectic work. I decided to bake some Christmas buns and candy since it's Lucia in Sweden today. We don't really celebrate here at home, but I wanted to bake anyway. I made lussebullar that I showed you how to make on my YouTube channel last year, and I also tried making some new candy as well! It's coffee flavored fudge with salt sprinkled over it! Super tasty!

My Christmas gift arrived today as well hehe! I purchased a new iMac (FINALLY)! My first iMac was a gift for my 18th birthday so it's now six years old! It broke a few years back and I haven't really used it since. So now I'm back to desktop editing which is amazing for my business. Super happy with it. My desk setup is not completely done yet but it'll do for now.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot - Sonny finished a video project he's been working on for a few days now and uploaded the new video today! People seem to like it so far haha, so if you've missed it then check it out below!

Tomorrow I will be going for another 6k run (snow is melting, yay!) and I have another therapy session. In the afternoon we're finally going to the dup to get rid of all the trash that is stacking up in the living room. It'll feel so great to get rid of all the clutter.

Hope you guys have had a nice day!

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Compound words are words put together that form a new meaning altogether, but what meaning do they have when translated directly from Swedish? Find out in today's video!

This morning I had work to do until noon and then I went for a 6k run (@katrin42k). We were supposed to go to the dump today with a bunch of old furniture and stuff, but Sonny's dad completely forgot to bring us the trailer, so we're doing it on Thursday instead.

Now I have no plans for the rest of the evening. :)



Photos by Luca Mara

All of us have probably experienced a dip in motivation every now and then. It doesn't really matter how passionate we are or how much we love our work or hobby. It's completely natural to have ups and downs, and they can be affected by anything from mental health, physical health, stress or the weather.

I have recently gone through a dip when it comes to my running. The first dip since I started running in June this year. Parts of my brain wants to beat me up for it, other parts are making up excuses for why this happened, but in the end that's just a waste of time. What matters is not why the dip occurred or for how long you've been experiencing this dip, what matters is that you let go of your prestige, get back on the horse and start again.

It's completely unrealistic to go through life without having to take physical or mental breaks from time to time. Even the most successful have to recharge their batteries every now and then. For some, a two day break is enough, for some it takes a month or six months before they feel ready to try again. Maybe even years!

I have had a two week break from all workouts now and yes, I feel guilty about it 'cause I feel like I have wasted valuable time. But I can't let that guilt stop me from getting back into it! My motivation is back and I need to let go of these two weeks to be able to move forward.

The main point I want to make today is that you should not let guilt stop you. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to procrastinate doing something 'cause you feel guilty for procrastinating in the first place. But it's always (!) better to start again, no matter how small or easy and build from there, rather than not starting at all.



What a gray day!

I started the day by sorting out some Christmas gifts and wrapping them as well. Then in the afternoon I started filming my new little project that will go up on my channel during the last week of the year. It has gone well so far, so I hope it will continue to do so and that you guys will like it.

My therapist gave me a piece of paper yesterday with a schedule of the week where I am meant to fill out what I do, every day for a week. The point is that she wants an overview of how I spend my time... This won't be a typical week since I have some things planned and work I have to get done until Saturday. But that's okay. Some weeks are like this too. I still feel like I do nothing haha!

Now I'm going to clean a little and then call it a night. I have a driving lecture at 9 tomorrow morning.