Good morning!

Today is filming day and one of the videos I'm filming is a review of these products from Models Own! They sent me a package a while back, so why not try 'em out for you. They're all cruelty free and I think most of them are vegan, but I'm not sure which are not. It's also a very affordable brand which is nice. :)

I tried them out this weekend just to have a little more to say about them, and I think I have a pretty fun look planned. Not something I'd normally wear but it's fun to experiment a little when trying to get the most out of a palette! :)

Have you guys tried anything from Models Own?

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"You helped me discover how to not care about other people's opinions when it comes to my appearance and tattoos. I have some very bold tattoos including a blacked out half sleeve and have had horrible things shouted at me as well as people closest to me dissing my body art. It's hard when people instantly judge you from your appearance. I am a nice person as are you, however people like to judge a book by its cover. I now 100% love and respect my body enough to not care how people portray me.

I am my own unique self and won't let others get me down. I am very proud of myself for staying true to me, I have struggled for years with anxiety but through creating the appearance I've always wanted, that anxiety isn't taking over my life as much as I am more confident. I just wondered if you had any tips for how to stay positive when people are negative about your tattoos or body modifications.

I recently started the journey of getting my ears stretched and had even my partner tell me I will look like a 'fucking retard' as well as his parents making jokes about me doing it. I really dislike when my partner is so negative towards my own decisions and I feel I need to be more tough about it and not let people get me down. I hope you can give me a few words of wisdom to help me toughen myself up."

I just finished going through the emails I have gotten so far for my Personal Tattoo Advice video and I thought I'd answer one of them on my blog. Because it's one that I do not have an answer for to be honest. All I have are thoughts.

Once I was at a business dinner with a company I had just started working for. It was my first time meeting all of them. I guess some of them had a bit too much to drink or maybe they were just assholes in general. But the person sitting across from me at the dinner decided to question my body modifications and tell me straight to my face that he thought they were very ugly. Needless to say that dinner wasn't too pleasant. It took all my willpower not to let him know how I felt about his appearance...

This is not a rare incident that only happened once in my life. Yes, I definitely get a majority of compliments, but the disgusted looks don't go unnoticed. And how do you deal with these people?

I would never accept anyone close to me treating me this way, and that goes for family, friends and partners. Insulting me because my choices differ from theirs is not acceptable behavior. I feel like our relationships should be deeper than my skin, and since I don't have family, friends or a partner that insult me, I'm confident that it is the case.

But you can't always stop complete strangers from being assholes, and honestly when it happens to me it doesn't make me mad or sad. It just shocks me. It shocks me that people can be so insensitive, rude and disrespectful to another human being that they haven't taken two minutes to have a conversation with before insulting. It blows my mind.

And don't even get me started on the internet...

These are not people I will ever spend my time getting to know. What goes around, comes around. I often see my body modifications as a wall. A wall of society's "ugly" that weed out the people not worth getting to know. And it has worked pretty damn well so far.

Body modifications are okay to insult because they are "an ugly that you have chosen". You are not born with it, so insulting it is not equally frowned upon. Makes you wonder... what other people are excluded from this elite group that deserves to be treated with respect.



Every now and then I make personal tattoo advice videos on my channel. Out of all the questions I get, I answer the ones that I personally can answer and I never pretend to know things I don't. Sometimes the answer is simply "ask your tattoo artist". I also never give my personal opinion on other people's tattoo choices, 'cause my opinion as an individual does not matter when other people get tattooed. :)

But I will help you along with reasoning and how to handle different situations you might be in as a "tattoo newbie" or maybe you're just in a new situation, despite having gotten loads of tattoos. I will do my best to answer your questions.

So if you by any chance have a question or two to ask, email me at personaltattooadvice@gmail.com.



I have the most insane "mood swings" when it comes to my motivation and inspiration... and Rascal just laid a fart next to me. Nice.

I was just feeling super "unfulfilled" in what I'm doing and my business in general. I don't feel like I'm doing enough. I don't feel like I am doing meaningful things with my time. I always have this feeling of wanting to do more. So I went on Pinterest and typed "business" in the search bar.

Now I'm literally rushing this blog post so I can run over to the office and start working haha! That's how easily inspired I am. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do or what the plan is. But I have a few ideas that I would love to explore. For example I have been wanting to create a website for quite some time now, but I'm not 100% sure what I want it to be or what function I want it to fill. So I need to work on that and look for some inspiration. I also want to create a newsletter! It might sound very "00's", but I feel like it can really benefit me and my followers as well.

To be continued!



Yay! Another step closer to the ultimate apartment haha.

Today we got a new kitchen table! Our friends are moving and had to get rid of some stuff, which worked out great for us. I have never really been a fan of that teak table. I don't like the color or the surface of it, even though it's really nice for being a teak table haha.

So now we have a new table, completely white, and even though it might not look it, it's pretty much the same size as the old table. It's just a little narrower and longer, which is what I wanted. Sometimes I prefer sitting by a table working instead of in the couch, and now I have a bit more space to do that. :)

I think the next project is to find a nice TV bench or maybe putting the TV on the wall, in which case we still need some kind of bench to put the speakers and stuff on... To be continued!