I did it!! This series took two or three weeks to film haha, but now all episodes are up on my channel! I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed it, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out all the episodes here in this post. :) It feels great to have gotten rid of so much crap from the apartment that has just been taking up space 'cause we are too lazy to get rid of it. I hope it can inspire you to do the same!

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After posting this on Instagram I got a comment saying "Global warming is real? Aren't you the one who keeps eating animal products?" hahaha. MEANING all people who contribute to global warming are also by default deniers of its existence.

Isn't it great when people online know more about your life and your choices than you do? I sure think so!

Anyway. Just got back from my sixth driving lesson. Today I backed around some corners, did some different kinds of turns and also started parking a bit. Next lesson will be all parking so wish me luck! I feel like I'm improving every lesson but it's still difficult to remember all details haha...

The plan for the rest of today is unknown. I kinda want to do a live stream 'cause it was SO long ago I did one. But I also have to head over to the office to pick some stuff up. We also have to get some more meds for Rascal and get some snacks for him to keep busy with on New Year's when we're having friends over. :)

What are your plans for New Years? I'm usually not a huge fan of doing anything at all, but it's nice to have friends over at our place at least. Have some nice food and play some games.



Good morning guys!

I have had a shitty few days after Christmas so I haven't done much work at all. Christmas was really nice, but the days after I felt so exhausted that I couldn't do much else. It's frustrating to be so tired all the time.

Today I thought I'd update you guys a little on Rascal's situation since there have been some changes. About 9 weeks ago we changed his meds to a kind that really seemed to work great. A few weeks in he had very minor seizures where he did not lose consciousness or lose his balance or anything. These seizures only last around 15 seconds and are mainly in his head (not body/muscles) and are seizures you could technically live with so there is not major reason to up the dose of the medication.

It kept working and we felt like we had finally found something that really works! He went from having seizures every two weeks to not having one for 9 whole weeks. But then on Tuesday morning we wake up from him falling/jumping out of bed mid seizure and landing on the floor with full cramps in his entire body. Luckily this seizure didn't last long, but it was full blown like the others he has had.

We have not been able to get ahold of the vet yet so we do not know what this means med-wise... but we are guessing that we will up the dose and hope for the best, yet again. 9 weeks is good, but of course we want him to be completely seizure free. Or at least not have more than one seizure per year or so...

It's very sad and frustrating. A lot of people recommend different experimental treatments but at this time we will stay on the path that our vet has recommended since it feels like it's quite close to working.

As always he's his normal happy self between all the seizures so he's not suffering from it that much. We just don't want it to get worse!



Good evening!

I just finished doing my stress/relaxing exercise for the day (part of my therapy). I thought I'd check in with y'all here now before Christmas. :) Today I have baked some Christmas candy to bring along when we visit my family tomorrow, and Sonny and I made some Christmas meatballs when he got home from work. They turned out great, both my baking and the balls.

Yesterday I made a trip down to Gothenburg for a meeting with a company I will be working with in 2018, and it was really nice to meet them all. I also got the opportunity to speak to one of their career coaches and it was very interesting. I will be staying in contact with him for some time which I think will be very helpful along with my therapy sessions. I get to know myself a lot better and I gain some tools to deal with the issues I have and what I struggle with.

One of the thinks we talked about was setting goals, which is something I struggle with a lot. The thing that motivates me the most in life is a vision of our future house. Daydreaming about the future has always motivated and inspired me, and the career coach pointed out that I'm closer to that goal than I might think... I was confused since I don't feel very close to it at all. But a part of that dream is to work with what I work with today, and that I have already achieved! So all I need now is to save up money to one day be able to move into this dream home haha! He also mentioned that maybe I can take small steps to make our current home more like my dream home to inspire myself further...

Anyway. It was a good meeting. And the house on the pic furthest to the right is one of my dream houses in Motala where we live. Sadly I doubt that it will ever be for sale and/or in our price range hahah. But one can dream anyway, right?

Like I mentioned we are heading to my parents tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with them and my brothers and my brother's girlfriend (we celebrate on the 24th in Sweden). Rascal is of course coming along as well. I'll probably check back in with you tomorrow or the day after.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all my readers!



Oh my lord hahah! I just formatted my old iMac that I got when I turned 18 (so six years ago) and found a bunch of really old pictures from when I lived in Malm枚. This was during my golden Tumblr days and just in the beginning of my YouTube career. As you can see, I tortured my hair a lot during that time hehe. My brown hair was taken care of by a hairdresser but then one day I decided to go blonde again and all hell broke lose heheh.

Now, 4 or so years later I finally have all healthy hair again, and of course I feel like bleaching it haha. That's life. An endless circle of torturing hair.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this little throwback! According to Instagram, a lot of you have followed me since this time which is crazy. Thanks for sticking around!