Good morning guys!

Today I'm leaving home to go to my parents and tomorrow my mom and I are flying to Salzburg! I will be gone until Sunday and will vlog while I'm gone. I'm also vlogging today so that will hopefully be up tonight. :) My parents' wifi is not great hehe so I can't promise anything.

Sonny is struggling at work today 'cause the system on the machine his job requires is shut down and he's just sitting in a parking lot waiting for it to start again. Frustrating... But today is the last day so it's not the end of the world. Snoob is snoozing next to me on the couch as always. I'll miss him while I'm gone. And I hope he won't have another seizure, 'cause I'm away during the days that mark 2 weeks since his last seizure, and since the first one he's had a seizure once every two weeks. :/

What do you guys have planned for today? :)

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I'm currently just sitting on the couch trying to force time to move faster. My two last packages are on their way and will most likely be delivered in 2 hours-ish. Then I will have my full vlog setup and will be able to film the video where I put everything together. I'm really building this up in my head and I'm a little scared that I will be disappointed by something haha!

But fingers crossed that it turns out the way I want it. There are some DIY elements to it that I took from YouTube, and there is where there's the most room for failure. However it's nothing advanced so I'm kinda confident anyway.

I also just found out that the lectures I have been planning for that were supposed to take place tomorrow have been "moved" to November 10th without my knowledge. The only date information I got was from the initial call a month or so ago and now I'm here, ready, and it's not even tomorrow... Derp. Oh well. That just means that I'll be super prepared in November and that I have more time to try out my camera today!



Good morning!

How are you guys? I'm doing pretty well! Took the pupper for a morning walk, gave him his medicine and now he's grumpy-snoozing is his box 'cause he hasn't gotten breakfast yet (have to wait 2h after medicine).

Last night, as I wrote on @couchto42k , I was thinking a lot about my running and working out and as the "entrepreneur" I am I have a very difficult time leaving a hobby alone. I need to somehow make it larger than life and then make a profit out of it hahah...

No, but really. I want to reach people and inspire people and talk to people! It's what I enjoy.... on the internet. So I feel like I'm wasting a potential by just letting my running accounts be small and only aimed towards my future self... I want to reach more people than just my future self!

I know I'm just rambling now, but today I will try to figure out what it is that I want to do and how to do it. I am still very determined to separate my YouTube/Influencer business from my running, or maybe integrate it in a way that it's not shoved in people's faces. I never want to "become a fitness YouTuber" 'cause that's not why I make YouTube videos (as you guys know). And I don't want to force my followers, you guys, to be exposed to fitness and working out and all of that if you are not interested in it. There is enough of that stuff shoved in people's faces on a daily basis and you guys don't need it from me too (unless you want it).

On a completely different subject - I have received 1 of 4 packages containing my new vlogging setup, and one is scheduled to arrive today. The other two are the most important and the least important and if they don't arrive before Tuesday I won't be able to bring the camera along to Salzburg and that would be so so sad. I really want to vlog with this setup when I go there. So cross your fingers that the packages arrive in time!!