​These are the products I use for my every day makeup base (I included the contouring, highlight and blush as well as you can see haha).

1. Inglot Cream Foundation - But I would call it more a liquid foundation rather than cream. Whatever floats their boats though! I think it's pretty great and I believe they have different levels of coverage as well.

2. Barry M Concealer - Works for me, I'm not picky!

3. Make Up Store Loose Powder (Milk) - This is the loose powder I've been using for years and I have no plans on trying a new one haha. I like it, it does the job!

4. The Balm Cabana Boy Blush - I love darker shades of blush. Blends nicely with the contour.

5. Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette - I was only into cream contour before trying this but it really works great and I love using it. Granted I'd go back to cream any day if someone offered it to me, but for now this works fine!

6. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer - Well duh. Some people say this doesn't suit light skin tones, no idea what they're talking about. I love it, highlighters are all the same in my opinion. No need for more than one.

Just slap it all on the face and you'll be good to go. Carpe diem. ;)

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