Good morning!

The puppy has had a terrible night so Sonny's catching up on some sleep and I'm keeping an eye on the grump. So I thought why not update you guys on some minimalism wins and struggles I've had lately?

The Struggle

One of the things I have hated the most about minimalism... no... what I have hated most about sharing my minimalism journey online is the community. Of course there are wonderful people in this community, but Sarah Nourse made a video on this a few days ago where she explains it:

As soon as you put "minimalism" or "minimalist" in a title or description of anything you post, a swarm of judgmental people come to your channel and decide to criticize your choices and tell you you're not doing good enough. I guess I was kinda expecting this when I started but I wasn't aware that this issue was such a "common knowledge" thing.

These people do not understand that minimalism is something you do for yourself, not for other people. I don't declutter my closet to make you happy. I don't own 10 items to make you happy. I go through this journey to make myself happy and if owning 5 blue button down shirts makes me happy then I have succeeded. And honestly I'm not even going to go into the whole "I GUESS I'VE BEEN MINIMALIST ALL MY LIFE 'CAUSE I HAVE LESS THAN YOU HAHA" comments.

Minimalism is a choice, not an accident.

But enough of the negative, here is a very obvious positive I have experiencing a lot lately:

Saving Money

Without really being aware of it, I had a pretty huge "spontaneous shopping" problem. I wouldn't say I shopped a LOT or very OFTEN, but when I did I spent at least $200 if not more. This often happened at night just before going to bed 'cause I was kinda bored and liked browsing my favorite web shops.

A while back I got the app called Dreams (not sure if it's available in other countries, also not sponsored haha), where you save money towards your dreams. It's connected to your bank account and you save the money in a different bank, so that you can't "easily" access the money at the end of the month (who else is guilty of this?).

Every time I wanted to buy something, or go on a shopping spree online, I decided to take that money and transfer it into my dream account instead. It's not always a lot. Sometimes it might just be skipping a coffee at a café and sometimes not buying that cardigan that looks sooooo soft. In the past month I've saved a lot by just deciding not to spend this money on unnecessary things. And TRUST ME, the satisfaction of watching that savings amount grow is a better high than any coffee or clothing item could ever achieve!

Since starting my minimalism journey I have purchased two shirts and a pair of pants, that I wear all the time. I have also recently decided to purchase Kathleen Lights' Morphe palette. This 'cause I have been eyeing the Kat Von D Shade & Light as well as the ABH Modern Renaissance palettes which are both CRAZY expensive. So I saved some cash by buying Kathleen's and I'm pretty sure the quality measures up. Plus I like supporting fellow YouTubers hehe.

Anyway – my point is that this new way of thinking has really saved me a LOT of money. Just last night I was online shopping for two hours, going through all kinds of pages to find the same things basically. But then in the end I realized that instead of trying to find a dupe for what I really want and end up spending all this money but still not being happy with what I get – it's better to save the money and actually buy what I want. And what I want is this Open Puffed Sweater from Marzia's shop... (IT'S OUT OF STOCK uhhhhhh whyyyyy).

So I exited all the web shops and left the bags full, without spending a dime to compensate for not having what I really want.

More than anything, this journey has been a journey of learning to detect my bad behaviours and understanding why I'm feeling the way I do. Why do I shop? Why do I spend this money?

In my bullet journal video I mentioned my Wish List page, and that is really working for me. I put it on the list, and if I still want it way later when the opportunity presents itself, then it's okay to purchase. If it's not even on the list – do I really even want and/or need it?

This is all for today's little minimalism update. Have you ever thought of giving it a go? What is holding you back?

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