Saw Everest last night. I saw the trailer on TV like a week ago and instantly knew that I would love it. Sadly we saw it in 3D haha, I never like 3D. I don't think it adds anything, just makes it kinda annoying to watch. However - I do think that the movie was really good. If you're not a fan of slow movies you might not like this but just the fact that it's based on true events makes it so much better.

I just love movies like this one. I love "realistic" movies (quotation marks both 'cause this is based on a true story and other movies I'm about to mention are less than realistic hehe), like this one, Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Life of Pie, Sanctum (even though that movie was kinda shitty haha) and stuff like that. When humans do something extraordinary when they go up against nature or something else. Just love it. Action pow pow humans shooting each other, or aliens or monsters and stuff like that... Not so much. Jurassic Park? Humans vs "Science"? OH YES.

Maybe you get what I'm talking about. Anyone feel the same way? These are easily my favorite movies ever. Or at least my favorite kind of movie. Nothing beats Mulan. If you get the chance I definitely recommend to see this one! It's very powerful. But skip the 3D... x

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