If you remember I made a post a few months ago about my history with the lip pen Fairytale Dream from Make Up Store. I have been on the hunt for it for about two years now but it had been discontinued... I heard rumours that it was returning in December so since then I've been going into every single Make Up Store shop asking for it. They've ALWAYS said "it hasn't arrived yet but will soon...".

Yesterday I went into the same shop in Stockholm that I've been to like four times in the past four months AND THEY FINALLY SAID YES. OH MY GOD. So I bought two. Should've gotten 50 but I will keep stacking up forever 'cause this is MY lip pen. When I have it I never use anything else. Nothing compares. I love it so much 'cause it's my lips but better basically. God I cannot get over how much I love it.

The pic to the left is the pen by itself and to the right with the lipstick Redwood Cream from Make Up Store, that I always pair it with. Uhhh. So happy.

So from now on: Don't ask what I'm wearing on my lips, I'm wearing Fairytale Dream, most likely with Redwood Cream, possibly with some white or pink eyeshadow/blush on top to make it more matte. So there you go.

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