Since I've been spending all night watching YouTube I thought I'd make a little list of all my favorite YouTubers right now! Maybe y'all find some new ones to follow or maybe you have a tip for me!! I'd love to check out some new ones. x

1. Therese Lindgren

Ok first out is Therese Lindgren, who is a Swedish YouTuber (won YouTuber of the Year at the Swedish Awards). She does make her videos in Swedish but I just have to mention her because she is the sweetest person that has ever existed on this earth. I love her. And this video had me laughing soooo hard. You don't have to know Swedish to watch it... It's a tutorial of how to fix a cracked powder. ;)

Kiera Rose

Next up is of course Kiera Rose. I've been following her for ages and I just love her videos and her personality. This video is one of my favorites by her 'cause I can relate 500%.

Sarah Hawkinson

I found Sarah's channel 'cause she mentioned in a video that she liked my videos and people were all over me saying like "SARAH MENTIONED YOU!!" and I was like "WHO DAT!!". But now she is 100% one of my absolute favorite YouTubers. Her personality is perfect, she's so gorgeous and I just looove every single video she makes. Especially favorites and hauls haha!

I also want to mention a few other channels that I always watch and y'all should check out!

  • Moa Murderess (In English)
  • Anty (In Swedish)
  • Tanya Burr (Duhh...)
  • Sash (In Swedish)
  • Rock n Roller/Jenny (In English)
So what are your favorite YouTubers?

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