I'm not officially a part of the MEMRY app, that is basically an app for photo albums! It's kinda like Instagram, but way better when it comes to posting multiple pictures or videos form the same "event" or whatever you're posting from. You only have to make one post and you get all your images up that you wanna post :D And of course you can make them private if you so wish, or share on all social media.

The founders of MEMRY have chosen some people to become MEMRY HEROES, who are basically the "early adopters" that get to be a part of the app from the very beginning. One of the best parts about being invited to be a part of a new app very early is that most usernames are available hence why my username is just Katrin moahaha. I wish I could have just Katrin all over the place, but that obviously ain't happening hehe...

SO. Go download the 'MEMRY' app in App Store and follow me :D I've already posted some albums for you to check out! Also if you follow me you'll be notified every time I post a new album ^_^ I have loads of fun ideas for how I'm going to use this app, so if y'all wanna be a part of it - you know what to do!

App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memry/id735465896

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