I have been wanting to get a window lamp for the living room for ages now but I simply can't pick. I absolutely love the one in the middle below, the really square block lamp, but I still can't decide. They are all approximately 35-50 cm tall, which approximately is the height of the plant in the window. The blocky one is about 35 cm, which obviously is a bit "lower". That's the main reason I'm hesitating...

People walk by our outdoor area all the time, many times per day (to get to their own apartments) and it would be nice to cover some of the window so that they can't see everything we do 24/7 haha. But I'm not sure if that's important enough to not pick the lamp I prefer.

What do you guys think? These are all at different price points as well but I didn't want that to be a factor in your opinion hehe. Feel free to vote below what you think!

The only two "IRL" pics the websites had.

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