Good evening!

I have spent the day working, filming a video that is up on my channel right now. Sonny and I make some DIY holiday decorations that smell GREAT. Then Rascal and I took a little walk outside (freezing cold), and when I got back Rascal had a tiny seizure. :( But it was just a tiny tiny one, a kind he has had before, and if he only has these tiny seizures we can live with it (and the vet said that it's okay too). It has been 4 weeks since the last seizure now which is great improvement!

Now the puppy is snoozing in his puppy palace and I am going to read some stuff in an app I downloaded yesterday! More about that later...

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Today's video topic is something I have been thinking about for quite some time now. Where do you draw the line between stress and guilt? Where do you draw the line between taking care of your mental health and just being lazy? I have no idea anymore.

So I made this video to start a discussion among my followers so that I might get some insight in how other people deal with this exact issue.




People who say "YouTube is nothing but drama" are the ones causing drama. I constantly see YouTubers make videos about the fact that the platform is not what it used to be, that they can't make the videos they want to make anymore 'cause the platform has changed and people are only using click bait.

I'm so sick of hearing it. Has the platform changed? Sure, more people are on the platform, more people are "becoming famous" and more people are causing fights. But does this mean that you as a creator have to be a part of it?

I experience NO drama on my channel. I watch NO channels where there is drama involved. People I watch still make the same kinds of videos as when I first started watching them. Nothing has changed!

Viewers and creators complain about drama all the time and it's so frustrating to listen to. If I made a video saying "YouTube is not what it used to be" and then complain about all the negative things about the platform and how people only watch clickbait etc, then I'm sure a lot of my viewers would agree and write comments about how it was better many years ago before YouTube "blew up".

But guess what? WE are the ones who make YouTube what it is. One channel causing drama does not mean that my channel is all about drama. 10 channels causing drama does not mean that I have to subscribe to and watch those 10 channels! It's such a non-problem and I hate that so many people are getting caught up in it.

Don't like drama? Don't watch or contribute to drama.

To all creators - make the videos you want to make.
To all viewers - watch the videos that you want to watch.

It's not rocket science.

No, my video about baking cookies might not get as many views as a video titled "THE DAY I ALMOST DIED 'CAUSE MY CAT DROVE THE CAR". But guess what? My video wouldn't get more views if the cat video didn't exist. So it literally does not affect me whatsoever.

It's no secret that clickbait videos get a lot of views. If that's what you want to do and how you want to run your channel then be my guest. Human behavior has always been the same regardless of the platform or even before the internet existed. You think newspaper headlines weren't meant to sound interesting and sell issues? Come on. So why are people acting so butt hurt and surprised?

Just do your thing! If making good content is not enough for you then choose a different path. But don't go complaining to your viewers that the platform is all about drama and clickbait these days 'cause in my humble opinion, that's simply not true.



Today's video is about friendship. What is it? How do you make new friends? How do you get rid of old ones? It's a long video but if you're interested - enjoy!

I have spent the evening talking to a friend and my entire world view has exploded... We discuss a lot of different topics and she knows way more than I do, and I'm just shocked. It's not something I plan on sharing in detail since it in my opinion is private and I don't choose to be an "ambassador" for those thoughts (mainly because I'm still very ignorant on many subjects). But it's interesting to learn new things. To open ones eyes and realize that there's an entire world of issues that you don't think about unless you really dig deep and try to understand. Never stop learning new things and never stop being open to learn about issues that you don't think concern you, whomever you are.

...speaking of friendship haha!

I hope I sleep well tonight, my brain needs it.



A few weeks ago I saw someone suggest this app called Way of Life where you can track different things in life that are either positive or negative, and then analyze the trends.

I chose to track my workouts, my body pain and my sleep to see how shitty my sleep really is and to see if there is any connection between the three. I thought there would be more of a pattern but honestly it doesn't seem like my sleep, pain or working out has anything to do with each other...

The pain tracker refers to my joint/bone pain I have been feeling since this summer, and sleeping well is when I do not wake up multiple times during the night, have a lot of nightmares or wake up after 10 hours of sleep feeling 100% exhausted. Working out is kinda self-explanatory.

I just wanted to tip you guys about this app, if there is anything in your life you want to track... workouts, bad habits you want to get rid of, good habits you want to increase etc. Not sponsored by the app. I just use it daily and thought it might interest some of you. :)