The vlog from our anniversary is now up on Sonny's channel! :D You can either watch it here or go to his channel on YouTube: http://youtube.com/sonnysvensson/. It was an amazing day, I have never needed a massage so bad in my life, so it was the perfect surprise haha. <3

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Yesterday, on November 12th, Sonny and I celebrated three (official) years together! Wohoo! And many more to come of course. What we did to celebrate you'll see in the vlog Sonny is going to post tomorrow. It was a lovely day and lovely 3 years.

While waiting for that vlog you can watch the video I posted on my channel. A little Q&A together! :)



Just finished work for today! Finally! ...and it's snowed today. </3

This morning my parents came here on their way to my brother's place (and to pick up my brother), then Sonny and I filmed a video for my channel for tomorrow's 3 year anniversary. Aaaand then we filmed a video for Sonny's channel as well!

In about an hour we're heading to Sonny's parents to leave Rascal there for the evening before heading to a restaurant for our anniversary dinner (everything here is closed on Sundays haha...). And tomorrow Sonny has something planned for us, but I have no idea what it is. :)

Have a nice Saturday, guys!



Hi everyone! Katrin here, as usual. Today we have a guest here on the blog - my mom! She has just gotten back from an Indian adventure, and I thought it would be interesting to learn about her experiences during this journey and also see all the great pictures she has taken! I hope you guys like it.

Traveling in India is an opportunity to let go of everything one believes to know about life and the world. Your own references don't work because close to everything is different, more, prettier, uglier, better, dirtier, more intense and kinder than anything you have previously experienced.

Left: Anne, Yatin and Jasenka · Top right: Yatin's friends; Amit, Viashala, Vinjay · Bottom right: The bride and groom; Yatin and Gayathri.

Jasenka and I received the invite to Yatin's wedding one year ago. We met him, a young Indian guy, at a science congress in Japan and spent some time together. I have previously been to New Delhi and Northern India, but for Jasenka this was her first visit. The wedding would take place in the state Kerala, in Southwest India, also known as “God’s own country”.

Early on, we decided to add a week's roundtrip before the wedding. We didn't want to go on more adventures than necessary, meaning that all accommodations, outings and above all - transfers and transports were booked prior to our trip. It turned out that it was not as expensive as one would have thought (approximately $2,000 for two people). It also turned out that it would have been close to impossible to rely on public transport on this trip. Instead, we always knew that we would arrive safely, arrive on time and would have a person with local knowledge with us at all time.

Traveling in India with guide Aslam and driver Santhosh.

During the entire trip we felt completely safe and secure without experiencing any uncomfortable or threatening situations. If that was due to us not interpreting the situations correctly or if people actually had a different attitude is difficult to say, but we chose to believe the latter.

What proved to be the greatest challenges were (to my surprise) the food and (not so surprising) the hygienic conditions in a lot of locations. The food was often well cooked and tasty, but the handling of commodities such as meat was different, resulting in a lot of cartilage pieces and fat scraps that needed to be swallowed fast to avoid embarrassing situations. After some time, all food tasted alike and we started longing for pizzas and hamburgers (almost no beef and pork was served anywhere, even McDonald's had adjusted menus). Most people we met ate with their hands and seeing this became rather hard to watch after a while. We often got by asking for silverware or at least a spoon.

One of our most simple washrooms, under an open sky.

Most restrooms we visited had "western" toilets and we only visited a handful of "porcelain holes in the floor". But there were no toilet paper guarantees at all these restrooms. They seem to use shower hoses, buckets or water pitchers - we think! We never fully learned how these were meant to be used, which often lead to hysterical laughter. We were grateful that we brought toilet paper rolls to one of the hotels we stayed at, paper napkins in our purses and used loads of hand disinfection and wipes.

Leading up to the trip we had gone over our vaccinations, no malaria protection was needed for Kerala, but we made sure to fill up on Hepatitis A and B vaccines. I also took a vaccine against Cholera and "tourist flu", even though it's not all that effective. We also took lactic acid tablets (available at pharmacies) during the entire week which supposedly work just as well. Neither of us had stomach issues, we avoided all ice, salads/vegetables and fruits without skin/peel and only drank bottled water which was also used for brushing our teeth.

So what did we do? What did we see? That will have to be a post of its own.



Sometimes I just don't want to be "perfect".

Sometimes I don't want to be a public figure whose every move is scrutinized and has to "mean something" or have a "bigger purpose". Sometimes I just want to be a person, and do what I want to without having to think about all the consequences for my thousands and thousands of followers.

I want to do things to my appearance without having to think about what message that sends to others. I want to eat what I want to eat without being judged for it. I want to post all about my exercise and training without thinking about how it affects others.

It's exhausting to live your life as a personal brand. Maybe I don't want to have a public opinion on something. Maybe I don't have the right answer. Maybe I don't know why I use cruelty free makeup but buy any perfume or shampoo that smells nice. I don't know. I don't have all the answers! I'm not "perfect".

Life would be a lot easier if I didn't have to deal with any of these things. But without all of these things I also would not get to experience any of the positives. And of course, the positives outweigh the negatives 10 times out of 10.

The pressure can become exhausting. And sometimes that results in a blog post. Without any kind of "big purpose". Without strengthening my "personal brand". Without any point to it whatsoever.

I don't have the answers to anything.

I'm just trying to live my life the same way you are. I just have a few more people following my journey.