It's a wrap. For day one at least.

After lunch we headed out in the forest to film some stuff. Sadly the weather wasn't really working with us but we did the best we could. Then we headed over to the water to film the dreaded water scenes. I fucking hate water. So much. I don't think you understand. And it was probably around 11-12 °C as well. And in my nose. Needless to say I did not enjoy that part of the day... but now it's done, I didn't suffer alone as you can see in the pictures, and tomorrow I'm staying on land! And I got some help with the filming for my vlog so you've got that to look forward to!

Also I'm currently kinda fucking pissed 'cause there is nothing to eat at this hotel or anywhere near really, and I haven't eaten anything for about 10 hours. I'm kinda hungry. I kinda feel like I deserve food after this long day of work. But I guess I don't. There's not even a minibar I can eat from. Guess I have to wait until breakfast tomorrow.


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Just arrived at the hotel here in Jönköping! Snapped some pictures of the really nice room before all hell breaks lose in a bit haha. I need to do hair and makeup for filming, which will take a while for sure. Then we're having some lunch with the band and a local journalist, aaand then we're off to film for the day.

Of course, as always, the mirrors are absolute shit in this room. They are all "backlit" by the humongous window on the other side = terrible for doing makeup. Usually I unhinge a mirror from the wall to place it by the window, but these seem pretty screwed on hehe...

Oh well! I'll do my best. Talk to y'all later!



If you have followed me for some time now you'll know that I have been in some different video productions through the years. Some more successful than others hehe. I'm currently on my way to Jönköping to be a part of my brother's band's new music video(s) and hopefully it'll be added to the list of successful experiences. ^^

This above is from last year I believe, when I had the honour of being in Duo Raw (not The Villbergs)'s music video for their song Beat My Face. It was a really professional production and I loooove working with them! Would love to do it again one day!

What some of you might not know however is that in 2014 (I think it was), I was asked to be in this one photographer's little art piece. She had been through a major trauma not too long ago and wanted to make this video as some kind of closure. I said I'd happily be in it and we filmed it during 2 sessions.

This, compared to working with Duo Raw, was not as enjoyable... The biggest issue I had with it, was that she asked me to smoke real cigarettes for a shot, and me being young and stupid didn't argue with it. Today I would've said absolutely not, 'cause I hate smoking and I hate cigarettes and I never want to touch one ever again. But I smoked 3-4 cigarettes for her to get the shot she wanted.

Then, big surprise, she ended up not even making the film anyway. So that was not a very successful collaboration if I may say so myself. But lesson learned! If I'm not okay with something while working, I need to speak up, and so do you if you ever feel uncomfortable! To this day it pisses me off that I can no longer say that I have never smoked in my life haha.

Here are some pictures from that experience:

Don't smoke, kids!

And of course when I was younger (high school) my friend and I created quite a few movies together for different movie competitions. It was a lot of fun and we actually won a trip to Brussels for one of them hehe. Here's the one I'm the most proud of I guess. ^^

I'll try to keep you guys updated during this weekend! I'm planning on vlogging but I'll take some photos for you too! :)

This is the lady I will be acting out... She doesn't seem very happy.



The picture blog platform that I used during my teen years (way before Tumblr became a thing), is now shutting down. So I recently went through my (private) account and saved some pictures from that time of my life. I will be making a video showing you guys all these photos, but I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peak hahah.

The top right picture, minus a few weeks of growth, is the shortest hair I've had so far, for those of you always asking "would you ever cut your hair short". Guess I would! And the middle picture with the blue shirt was during my "one hairspray can per day" period. Despite looking ridiculous I still love that hair so much hahah.

The other looks - not so much.



Rascal "Saternus Feroz Felix" recently "turned" 1,5 years old. I can't believe how fast time has flown by with this little guy. Feels like we brought him home yesterday, but also feels like he's been with us for years and years. I thought it might be time for a little Rascal update, so if you're interested, keep on reading!

We have of course noticed more and more the older he has gotten, that his hormones are... increasing. They often make him quite restless and sometimes he get really horny, which is pretty annoying for us, but probably even more annoying for him. We do plan on breeding him (you're entitled to your opinions, but feel free to keep them to yourself), and one "breeding session" lasts for about six months when it comes to calming the hormones.

Despite this, we have also noticed that he has calmed down a bit in general. This is the most noticeable around Sonny's mom, who is his number 1 favorite play mate. He still loves playing with her, but he's not as hysterical anymore, as he has been for the past year or so. I think it's a great sign that he is calming down and getting more secure in himself...

However! During the first 10 or so months of his life he absolutely loved children. The fact that they were more his size compared to adults was awesome and we often had to hold him back from licking them all over and playing etc. But now that has all changed. He is quite scared of children these days and refuses to let them touch him. This is kinda sad and as far as we know he has never experienced a disrespectful "scary" child... which makes this a little confusing. But most people say it's age related and that he might be feeling confused about them. So we just have to keep introducing him to kids and hope that the fear passes.

And last but definitely not least, we did the "BPH" test with him in May. This is a personality test for dogs just to get a evaluation of their psyche and how they act in different situations. Rascal aced it and got almost perfect results (not that there is a perfect result, per se haha, but still).

We're super proud of him, despite still struggling in some areas. He's a great puppy and I think he'll be a great dad in the future too. We do plan on keeping one of his puppies at some point, but it probably won't be from the first litter. :)

If you want to watch the video from the personality test, check it out here: