So this Saturday is almost over. What a day. Holy crapper. I'm at Ellen's place right now just chillin. She's tattoing her poor sister who's in pain. I feel her.

Heading home to Gothenburg tomorrow early in the morning (stupid trains). Need to clean the apartment, do dishes, film video(s), and stuff stuff stuff. Then back to work on Monday. BUT! Super short week since it's Easter. Thank you Sweden for making religious holidays apply for everyone hahaha. I appreciate it. I'll be spending Easter with my love which is awesome. Haven't visited him since New Year's. Gonna be good to get away from reality for a while.

Anything else? Not really haha. Just sitting here. Doing nothing. Being kinda tired and sore. My man's at a team party with his football (soccer) dudes. They're playing Yatzy and Pick Up Stix. That party is clearly out of control.......


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