Still sleeping...
Wow. Okay. Uhh... Good morning guys. Have gotten up unnecessarily early these past few days. I need sleep! But eating all this pizza has made me SO thirsty that I can't and have to get up and drink a shitload of water in the morning haha. But then at least I have some time to chill before I have to stress for work...

Leaving town tomorrow. YAY! Favorite kind of days. Heading to my man and will be staying there until Monday evening. I miss him so much -__- Wäh wäh. I'm SO TIRED why am I not sleeping right now haha!

Also I have SO much cleaning to do when I get home from work tonight hahaha. My kitchen and bedroom are both catastrophic. And my brother is staying in my apartment on Sunday when I'm not here so maybe it should be decently clean, I dunno?? Maybe don't have to have laundry laying and dirty dishes laying all over the place...

Oh well. Time to... Uhh... Chill some more! Smell ya later! x

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