Phew. What a long weekend haha... I was going to go home on Saturday but ended up going with the boys to Oskarshamn anyway for their second gig. Love seeing them play so it was fun anywayz. We got to Linköping late last night and headed home to Motown today around lunch time. We made some lunch and then completely crashed. Slept for a few hours and now I feel 100% hungover, even though I haven't had a sip of alcohol all weekend. My head is killing me.

Watched a movie (Very Good Girls) before and it was decent. Nothing extraordinary haha! Now the B is playing CS and I'm catching up on some YouTube videos. Need to charge my camera so I can transfer all the gig footage from this weekend too. Going to try to make a live vid for them, but we'll see how it turns out. The camera isn't the best haha!

But first - painkiller. This ain't workin' for me.

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