On the train now! Yay! Had to go to the pharmacy to get some shit for my blisters. The curse of new Converse amiright?? Also went to Starbucks and got a... Mango/Passionfruit juice thingy. Really good! Tasted like the outside part of Solero ice cream (Swedes know what I mean haha). Also I don't get the deal with putting an e at the end of my name. Like I always say just Katrin but for some reason it ends up Katrine, Catrine, Cathrine, Catherine etc. Like NO. Stop!!! Hahah...

Probably going to spend the entire train ride playing the app game "2048" that my colleague showed me this week. ADDICTED. And I've still not even really figured out how to do it hahaha. I'm still stuck on the first level but it's fun and I'm getting a little better at it. Almost forgot to get off the bus the other day 'cause I was playing the whole way home... Any of you guys play?

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