​Holy smokes it's 1.30 pm where has this day gone?

Met up with my buddy this morning and took a stroll with Rascal. Then we had some coffee and since she left all I've done is sit on the couch, updated my computer and phone to iOS 10. Wow. All I have to say is DON'T DO IT, unless you want to buy a new phone... in which case it's a great excuse. The new iOS completely fucked up my phone that has been working flawlessly for two years. As soon as it updated it became as slow as an iPhone 3G.

Wasn't planning on buying the iPhone 7 but now I might not have a choice haha.

In other news, have you seen Monday's video yet? I talk all about menstrual cups and how they work. Have you tried one? Do you like it or nah?

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