15 Crazy Girlfriend Memes That Are Painfully Relatable

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Memes are funny. Crazy girlfriend memes are especially funny. They’re funny ’cause they’re true. The reason they are so popular is that I think most girlfriends can relate to them in one way or another. For my grumpy girlfriend clients, these memes represent their day-to-day life pretty well.

Here are 15 painfully relatable crazy girlfriend memes and some quick little tips if you happen to struggle with these issues.

If you are torturing yourself by keeping track of your partner’s phone, please stop. I know how compulsive it can feel and I know it feels unsafe not to do it. But I promise you, the more you practice processing the discomfort of not looking, the better you’re going to get at it and the less crappy you’re going to feel over time.

GF Hack: Whenever your brain goes off like this and wants to cause drama, think of all the things that make you smile while you look at your phone. My guess is that your side-piece texting you isn’t one of them.

Common grumpy girlfriend mistake: Promising yourself you’ll change without any tools to do so. You’re literally setting yourself up to break your promise to yourself over and over again. Willpower is not enough!

I think a lot of grumpy girlfriend-partners can relate to this one hehe. And for a lot of grumpy girlfriends, this is a big motivator to get help and change. Because their loving partners deserve better.

You. are. not. your. partner’s. everything. Relationships are not enough to cover all of life’s joy, happiness, and connection. The sooner you realize this the better. Relationships are meant to make you happier. Not make you happy.

Again with the lacking tools. How exactly are you “working on your attitude?” By scolding yourself when you do something wrong? By promising yourself never to do it again? By committing to lightening up? We all intellectually know how to do these things. But it’s not your intellectual side that is a grumpy girlfriend. So when that toilet seat is left up, your intellectual brain won’t help you.

Hahah. “Who is she?” memes are my favorite. Simple. Relatable. To the point.

Imagine what you could be focusing on, creating, achieving, and enjoying in your life if you weren’t so obsessed with what your partner is or isn’t doing. Seriously. You are leaving so much on the table and missing out on so many experiences because your brain is so focusing on this perceived threat.

Stop stalking. Stop lurking. You’re literally just on a mission to hurt your own feelings and ruin your interactions with your partner. It’s not worth it. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

You know the book “Man’s Search for Meaning”… well, grumpy girlfriends could write the book “Girlfriend’s Search for Meaning.” Because girlfriends are professionals at assigning meaning to things and then getting upset about that meaning. Your brain is not a truth detector. It’s an evidence seeker. It looks for evidence to support what you already believe to be true. Your truth comes first, the evidence follows. So be mindful of what you choose as your truth.

You can be right or you can be happy. Stubbornness, ego, principles, and rules are very often the thief of connection, intimacy, and love in relationships. If you want to be grumpy, be grumpy. But if you want to be happy, get to work.

Hands up if you’ve ever punished your partner for what they did to you in your imagination…

This is my favorite grumpy girlfriend meme of all time haha (along with the “he’s probably cheating on me” [insert weird shit guys do in their free time]). It’s SO GOOD. And so true. Seriously. YOU are the one thinking about other girls all the time. YOU are the one living in a “reality” where your partner is cheating on you all the time. YOU are guilty of what you’re accusing your partner of.

Time to stop that.

Stop torturing yourself. You’re going to be uncomfortable/in pain either way. So I recommend not lurking and feeling the discomfort of uncertainty and “not knowing” instead of lurking and then finding something to hurt your own feelings about. It’s much better to process the urge to do it and not do it, than to give in to the urge and then feel the pain that comes afterwards.

Yes. You are a vacuum cleaner.

If you relate to these memes and you struggle to manage your brain and your behaviors, come work with me and we’ll fix it together. I have helped over 75 grumpy girlfriends enjoy their good relationships and I can help you too.

Click here to read more about my coaching and how you can apply for a spot in my signature 8-week coaching program for Grumpy Girlfriends.

xo Katrin

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